Flowers on the Cornish Coastline

January 18th, 2021

Cornwall is renowned for its gorgeous countryside and coastline, and with so much space for wildlife and nature, there are plenty of brilliant blooms to be spotted.


As we head into summer months, the flowers are out in full force, popping up over the Cornish coastline in a stunning display of colour and life. As the days begin to warm up, wildflower meadows can be spotted along coast paths, adding to the spectacular sea views!


Here are just a few of the flower varieties you may see when out and about by the Cornish coast!


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Alexanders flowers


This flower thrives in salty air, making it a common sight atop cliffs around Cornwall. The tall plant features bursts of small yellow flowers, which have a distinctive smell.


Originally, the plant was introduced to the UK by the Romans, when it was used as a foodstuff, as it is edible. While not many people would consider munching on one of these flowers nowadays, they are still enjoyed by many a horse!


English Stonecrop

English Stonecrop

This dainty succulent will be found all over the coastline and other rocky areas in Cornwall.


The red buds of the plant burst into star-shaped white blooms, scattering some colour across the rocky faces of each cliff.


Sea Campion

Found in clumps along most coast paths, this flower grows well on the coastal grasses found atop cliffs. The purple-tinged buds open up to reveal neat white flowers.


As a maritime species, it is almost solely found around the seaside in Britain.



As well as being found in grasslands, the round, blue heads of the Sheep’s-bit flower can also be found along cliffs.


Growing between May and September near to the sea, this plant is often found alongside many others, forming a flowery carpet.


Oxeye Daisy

While daisies can be found countrywide, beautiful swathes of these larger oxeye daisies spread across the coast and countryside in Cornwall. These flowers are out in full force over the summer months.


Oxeye daisies are also known as ‘Moon Daisies’, as their bright white petals appear to glow as the day turns to night.


Sea Carrot

Sea Carrot

Another plant for the summer months, the sea carrot pops up with rounded flowerheads across the South coast. It predominantly grows in grass areas on the tops of cliffs and in sturdier sand dunes.


The saucer-shaped heads contain many tiny flowers in pink or white.


Spring Squill

These star-shaped purpley-blue flowers can be found in grassy spots near to the sea. The flowers on this compact plant are often crammed close together, forming a dainty cluster.


Like most coastal plants, they are a low-growing flower. A member of the lily family, the spring squill is also related to bluebells and wild garlic, although they do not have a smell!



What is your favourite Cornish coastal wildflower? Let us know via our social media channels! If you love flowers, gardens and nature, then you should also check out five of the best gardens in Cornwall.


Image Credit: Rod Allday