What to Do on a Rainy Day in Cornwall

September 27th, 2021

Whether you’re camping or staying in one of our Truro holiday cottages, if there’s one thing you can’t always depend on while on your holiday, it’s the weather.

Luckily for you, Cornwall is a fantastic place to visit, rain or shine! So, whatever the weather, you can be sure there’ll be something to entertain you and the family throughout your holiday in Cornwall.

Here are some of our favourite things to do in Cornwall on a rainy day.

Museums in Cornwall

Cornwall is rich in culture and history, so why not spend those rainy days learning all about Cornwall’s past and how it came to be what it is today?

Here are a couple of our favourite museums to visit in Cornwall on a rainy day.

National Maritime Museum, Falmouth

A child looking at a fish tank in a museum

You can find this award-winning and family-friendly museum tucked away in Falmouth. The museum is dedicated to celebrating how the influence of the sea has shaped Cornwall’s history and culture.

With permanent fixtures like the National Small Boat Collection as well as fantastic temporary exhibits, there is something to keep everyone entertained. There’s even a pirate-themed play area for the little ones to enjoy!

Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro

If you’re looking for a broad exploration of Cornwall’s rich and fascinating history, then look no further than the Royal Cornwall Museum.

Based in Truro, Cornwall’s only city, the Royal Cornwall Museum offers visitors the chance to browse thousands of historical objects that showcase Cornwall’s history.

The museum also has temporary exhibitions showcasing history from the rest of the world as well as its own art collection and programmes just for kids!

Art Galleries in Cornwall

Someone looking at a sculpture in the Tate gallery

If you’re a fan of the finer things, then why not check out one of the dozens of art galleries in Cornwall.

From small independent venues and local artists all the way to world-renowned collections, there’s something for everyone’s tastes.

Here are just some of the brilliant galleries you could visit while staying with us at The Valley:

  • Falmouth Art Gallery
  • Newlyn Art Gallery
  • Tate St. Ives

Shopping in Cornwall

 A man browsing clothes on a rail

Why not tend to those rainy day blues with a bit of retail therapy?

There are shopping centres dotted all across Cornwall filled with high street chains, boutiques and even cute little cafes to help you shop the day away!

Or, if you prefer to shop independent, why not lose yourself to some of the hidden shopping gems and bag yourself a memento of your time away?

As you can see, there’s no need to let the weather get you down! There are plenty of ways to make the most of your holiday in Cornwall, even if the weather isn’t always on your side.

Image credit: Visit Cornwall

Activities For a Rainy Day in Cornwall

April 27th, 2020

Although Cornwall is blessed with better weather than the rest of the UK, with a much milder climate, the sun doesn’t always shine. But a bit of drizzle shouldn’t dampen your spirits while on holiday to this beautiful part of the country, and we know just how you can still make the most of the rainy days!


We have put together some activities to entertain everyone when the skies turn grey.



8 Summer Holiday Days Out to Save For Rainy Days

July 23rd, 2019

The school holidays have started, and if you are staying at our Cornish holiday cottages over the next month, you are sure to be looking forward to some summer sun and making the most of the beaches, water sports and beautiful countryside. 

However, the weather could take a turn for the worse, so it is always best to have back-up plans for any rainy days that might occur! Take a look below to see what family fun days out there are in Cornwall that will definitely keep you dry from the rain.

Pirate’s Quest

Head to Newquay to become a pirate! Pirate’s Quest will take you on a tale of Cornwall’s pirating history in an immersive walk-through, and bring you face to face with swashbuckling pirates, smugglers, mermaids and buccaneers. There are caves, shipwrecks and 18th century Cornwall to explore on the Quest. It is best to book online at piratesquest.co.uk for tickets.

Eden Project

Eden Project 

The Eden Project is always great to visit on rainy days, as the warm biomes are so big, you will feel like you are outside, despite being within their protective cover! The Eden Project regularly hosts exciting summer activities for children during the holidays, often providing exciting insights into the natural world.

National Maritime Museum Cornwall

The National Maritime Museum Cornwall in Falmouth, which is not far from our Cornish holiday cottages, is a great indoor attraction that the whole family will love. Explore the interesting and varied collection of boats on display, as well as learning more about maritime history through the engaging exhibitions. Kids will love the pirate-themed play and craft areas, as well as the boat racing games.

Steam train travelling through Cornwall

Bodmin & Wenford Railway

On a rainy day, you can still explore the beautiful Cornish countryside, and in an old fashioned way – by steam train! Young children will love the chance to be on a traditional steam train and fully experience its sights and sounds. The Bodmin & Wenford Railway has all sorts of journeys available, including a dining train.

Mining Heritage 

Cornwall has a rich mining heritage, and many mining landscapes in the county have been deemed UNESCO World Heritage sites. Many of the old mines are open to the public, with Geevor being the largest preserved mine in the country. You can get the chance to go underground to a real 18th-century tin mine, explore the amazing mining machinery, and find out how the rock brought up from the mines was processed.

Carnglaze Caverns 

You can really get away from the rain at Carnglaze Caverns by heading underground. Near St Neot, the Caverns are simply breath-taking. A former slate mine, you can take a boat ride on the underground lake with its crystal clear water and discover the many minerals mined and quarried in the whole of the South West. The Caverns stay at a constant 10 degrees Celsius all year, making it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Be sure to bring sensible footwear and a jumper when you visit.

Blue Reef Aquarium

Blue Reef Aquarium

The Blue Reef Aquarium at Newquay is a safe bet when it’s raining. You can enjoy a whole day here, seeing the coral reefs, discover the brightly coloured exotic fish like angelfish, pufferfish and more. There is also a variety of sharks, rays and eels to see through the underwater tunnel. The tunnel is a great way for the kids to get up close to some of the most spectacular sea life in the world.

Soft Play

An indoor soft play area is great for rainy days. Raze the Roof at Penryn, close to our holiday cottages, is a place the kids are sure to enjoy, with a climbing wall, slides, ball cannons and more. Smaller kids have their own area too, and there is also a separate laser tag area that adults can try out. The cafe is great for a light refreshment to keep the kids going all day!


With all these fun things to see and do, you might want a bit of rain every day!

5 Best Rainy Days Out In Cornwall

March 29th, 2018

We’re not going to lie to you; being in Britain, it is quite likely that there are going to be some rainy days during your holiday to Cornwall. When the sun is shining there are endless beaches to play on and gardens to explore, but where should you go when the weather isn’t at its best?


National Maritime Museum

Experience the wonders of the seaside without having to step outside at the National Maritime Museum. The museum pairs galleries and collections with the interactive workshops and play areas; you can even catch a glimpse under the sea! There are plenty of activities and opportunities to dress up, play and hear pirate stories, making it the perfect indoor adventure for families on rainy days.


Eden Project

The rainy weather brings some much-needed water to Eden, helping the beautiful blooms grow throughout the Eden Project gardens, making sure it can be enjoyed no matter the weather. If you simply cannot stand exploring the grounds in the rain, then it is no problem, as the biomes protect from the outside world, meaning that you can keep dry as you take in the wondrous sights. Although it is the RAINforest biome, so maybe a little drizzle will add to the authenticity of the experience!


Tate St Ives

Tate St Ives is a must visit whatever the weather, displaying the very best of the St Ives Modernists, such as Ben Nicholson, Peter Lanyon and Terry Frost, in the very place that inspired them. Alongside the local talent is a wide variety of international modern and contemporary art pieces. St Ives also has a number of uniquely quaint shops to explore, plus, if the skies do clear up a bit, the beaches there are fantastic!


National Lobster Hatchery

While it’s easy to head to some shops, the nearest indoor play centre or just stay in when it starts to rain, why not try something completely new!? You probably won’t have experienced anything quite like the National Lobster Hatchery before, but it certainly is a memorable trip. The main attraction is, of course, the tiny baby lobsters, grown until they are ready to be released. Accompanying the young ones are some older giant lobsters, as well as both edible and spider crabs.



When it is wet and rainy out, why not get wetter!? The beaches are the main attraction in Cornwall, so make the most of them. There are plenty of surf schools running year round, so all of the equipment that you need will be available on most major beaches around the coast. If you are already a surfing fanatic, then there is no excuse not to go out on the waves!


If you have any favourite child-friendly Cornwall holiday days out that we have missed, then let us know via our social media channels!