Witchy Places to Visit in Cornwall

October 15th, 2021

Magic has been an integral part of British culture for centuries; from the stories about boy wizards we read nowadays to dramatic ancient fables, there’s no denying that everyone loves a little bit of magic.


If you’re looking for something wicked to do while staying at our 5 star holiday park in Cornwall, then why not check out our list of mystical and witchy things to do in Cornwall.


The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, Boscastle

If you’re a fan of all things wicked, then The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic is a must-stop attraction for your Cornish holiday.


Set in the small fishing port village of Boscastle, the museum offers visitors a respectful and accurate look into the diversity of magical practices throughout history.


As well as their extensive selection of historical objects, the museum also hosts educational events and exhibits that show off a variety of unique insights into magical practices with the help of cutting edge scholarship.


Nanjizal Cove, St Levan

Some spots are just too astounding to be anything but magic. One such location is the magnificent Nanjizal Cove on the southwest coast of Cornwall.


The most notable aspect of this remote and mostly unknown spot is the natural rock arch situated at the southern end of the beach. Commonly known as the “Song of the Sea”, this beautiful display of natural beauty is just enough to make you believe in magic all over again.


Rocky Valley, Tintagel

Another amazing and magical spot in Cornwall is the Rocky Valley near Tintagel on the Atlantic coast.


While this National Trust spot offers fantastic woodland and countryside walks for any who visit, that’s not why it’s made our list. What makes this place so fascinating is the rock carvings in the stones, the earliest of which dates back to 1779.


The most notable of these carvings are the two that have since been named the Rocky Valley Labyrinths. The two carvings consist of concentric circular lines in the same style as the turf mazes from the medieval period.

Glass spell jars and a tea candle on a table

Metaphysical Shops in Cornwall

If you’re looking for retail therapy with a spiritual twist, then Cornwall is the perfect place. All across the county, you’ll find small, independent stores offering a variety of spiritual and metaphysical products. From incense and crystals all the way to tarot cards and even some in-person readings (COVID regulations depending).


Why not check out one of these shops during your Cornish getaway:


Whether you’re a true believer or just an appreciator of the rich history found in the new age practices, there’s plenty of witchy things for you to do in Cornwall this autumn.


If you’re looking to plan your perfect Cornish getaway, why not check out the cottages we have available to book all year round?

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Best Shopping Destinations in Cornwall

August 27th, 2021

With the picturesque landscapes, beautiful beaches and exciting attractions, there are plenty of great days out to be had in Cornwall. If you fancy a bit of retail therapy on your short break in Cornwall, there are also loads of shopping destinations for you to enjoy.

Situated within the pretty scenery, you’ll find everything from extensive shopping centres to unique independent shores. We explore some of the best shopping experiences to be had in Cornwall, along with how close they are to our luxury holiday cottage here at The Valley.

People shopping in Truro town centre

Shopping in Truro

As the shops are situated both indoors and out, you can visit Truro for a spot of retail therapy come rain or shine!

Truro’s shopping centre, Lemon Street Market, offers a great selection of stores, cafes and an art gallery all under one roof. Throughout the rest of Truro’s streets, you’ll find the usual high street chains, along with local independent boutiques that offer a range of wares from high-end crafts to homemade treats. The Truro charity shops are also worth visiting as you never know what treasures you’ll discover!

Along with the range of shops, there is also a farmer’s market where you can explore a variety of locally-made goodies.

Distance from The Valley to Truro shops: 4.3 miles (15-minute drive)

Shopping in Redruth

For a more traditional Cornish shopping experience, head over to Redruth, where you can explore a wide variety of specialist shops that offer everything from handmade jewellery, to local meat and produce, to Cornish crafts!

You wouldn’t find many of your usual high street stores here, but you can be sure to discover some independent retailers selling more unique items, perfect for buying a souvenir to remember your trip to Cornwall.

Distance from The Valley to Redruth shops: 6.6 miles (20-minute drive)

People shopping in the seaside town Falmouth

Shopping in Falmouth

This beautiful seaside town offers a mixture of independent retailers together with the bigger high street names. As Falmouth is known for being a coastal town, you’ll also find an abundance of surf shops to get your hands on all the beach clothing, footwear and accessories you’ll need.

Along with this fantastic range of shops, the high street offers art galleries and museums, with the Maritime Museum at the heart of the town. If you fancy relaxing with a bite to eat after a shopping spree, there are also plenty of cafes and restaurants.

Distance from The Valley to Falmouth shops: 8.4 miles (25-minute drive)

Shopping in Newquay

The high street here is the length of the entire town, so there certainly isn’t a shortage of shops. Again, the variety ranges from expected high street stores to local specialist shops that offer a unique, individual shopping experience.

As Newquay is a popular coastal town, the majority of stores you will find are surf and beach shops that embrace Newquay’s seaside nature. These are great places to find something to remember your time at the beautiful coastline.

Newquay is also starting to become a real foodie hotspot, and there’s an excellent choice of cafes and restaurants to visit, along with stunning views. Throughout the year, Newquay town centre hosts a range of markets that showcase local businesses and celebrate all the independent stores and products.

Distance from The Valley to Newquay shops: 17.3 miles (40-minute drive)

Birdseye view of the coastal town St Ives

Shopping in St Ives

Not only is St Ives a spectacular coastal destination, but it is also the perfect spot for some retail therapy, with its unique atmosphere. As a surfer’s paradise there are ample surf shops selling surfboards, equipment and surfer fashion for you to peruse.

You can also expect to find fashion boutiques, home furnishing stores, craft shops, bookstores and much more. There are plenty of unique shops with gifts you won’t find anywhere else – perfect to remember your stay or give to a loved one.

Distance from The Valley to St Ives shops: 24.4 miles (1-hour drive)

Other Places to Shop in Cornwall

These are just some of our top picks for unique shopping experiences in Cornwall. There are plenty more cute little town and village shopping destinations to explore, starting with some of these honourable mentions:

  • Shops in Bude – vintage fashion, artisan and antiques stores
  • Shops in St Austell – bustling high street dubbed the best in Cornwall
  • Shops in Penzance – great range of unconventional shops
  • Shops in Perranporth – plenty of brilliant gift shops

Cornwall is a beautiful part of the country, with many beaches and breathtaking views but, as you can see, there is much more it has to offer!

Our luxury holiday park in Cornwall makes a great base for your Cornish adventures. Discover more to start planning the perfect holiday to Cornwall.

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The Best Local Shops in Helston

June 28th, 2021

Helston is a bustling little market town just half an hours drive away from The Valley.

With a beautiful mix of Georgian and Victorian architecture, this town is most famous for its Flora Day, held on the 8th of May. Flora Day is a cherished tradition in Helston where there’s dress up, music and of course, the Floral Dance.

Thousands of visitors flock to Helston for this event, but that’s not all the quaint little town has to offer. Here, we’re going to be looking at some of the best local shops in Helston that you can visit.

If you’re interested in visiting Helston, why not choose one of our luxury Cornish cottages to stay in?

Everything Cornish

If you find yourself in Helston while on your holiday and decide you want something to remember your trip, there’s nowhere better than Everything Cornish.

This store can be found at 17 Meneage Street in Helston and sells a wide variety of either cornished themed products or goods that are produced locally.

From food and gift hampers, all the way to dog wear – there’s truly something for everyone in Everything Cornish.

Glazed Expression

This adorable ceramics art studio and gallery is the place to visit if you’re a fan of local art and culture.

Based at 45 Meneage Street, this shop aims to showcase art in a homely environment and creates a friendly atmosphere for you to view and shop. They showcase art and ceramics from local artists across a range of mediums including pyrography and clay.

They even have a friendly onsite studio, so if you want to try your hand at some ceramics, you can book one of their classes in-store or on their website.

Daisy Chain

If you’re a fan of all thing’s rustic, then The Daisy Chain is a must-stop shop while in Helston. Also on Meneage Street, this store offers an amazing array of homewares, gifts and clothing hand-chosen from local suppliers.

This rustic haven is perfect for anyone who values ethical and sustainable shopping and even offers a range of handmade products for you to take home.

Cornish Tin & Gold

Cornish Tin & Gold was created in 2007 from its parent company, Wearnes (also the parent of Everything Cornish), which has been based in Helston for over 100 years!

This shop was formed when Sarah Corbridge decided she wanted a precious metal of Cornish origin to craft her jewellery from. She invented the Cornish Tin & Gold alloy in 2007 using tin salvaged from the SS Liverpool shipwreck that sank off Anglesey in 1863.

They offer a unique mix of gold and silver jewellery, giving you an everlasting memory of Cornwall to take home. Not to mention, 10 years of marriage is commonly associated with tin, making their products a great 10th wedding anniversary gift.

It’s more important than ever to support local economies, so we hope that while you’re enjoying your Cornish holiday, you’ll pop in to one of these amazing stores!

If you’re interested in booking a luxury Cornish holiday, why not browse our range of available cottages, or get in touch today.

Image credit – Visit Cornwall

Ways to Support Local Businesses in Cornwall

June 12th, 2020

Cornwall is a beautiful place to visit for anyone wanting a UK break! The region boasts incredible landscapes that have attracted visitors for generations, from winding country lanes to stunning coasts. Cornwall is also full of charming towns and villages, many of which haven’t changed for hundreds of years.

While Cornwall does have some major hubs, many of its towns rely on the success of local businesses. For some coastal areas, this will be tourist attractions such as restaurants and cafes, while others may simply rely on local farmers or industries. Ultimately, the prosperity of the region depends upon the success of its local businesses.

Growing Threats

Unfortunately, many of Cornwall’s businesses have been hit with downturns over the last few years. Brexit threatens to strip the region of some of its EU funding, while the recent COVID-19 crisis has severely impacted the region’s vital tourism sector.

Thankfully, there are many ways you can show your support for Cornish businesses, whether you’re staying at one of our Truro holiday cottages or sending your love from further afield. Here are some of the most effective ways to support Cornwall’s economy.

A local pup with white exterior in Polperro, Cornwall

Know Your Local

First thing’s first, you need to know what businesses are local! These days, it can be hard to determine between companies run and owned by local people and those that have a similar appearance but are part of a larger national or international group.

There are multiple ways you can check if a business in Cornwall is a true local or not. Ultimately, politely asking the owner will often allow you to find out how your purchase will benefit the local community. Alternatively, you can check online, as most businesses will have some form of internet presence.

Buy Direct From Cornwall

Many people love Cornish produce. Whether its pasties, cream teas, wines or spirits, so many beautiful products are produced in our region. Just check our blog on Cornwall’s most iconic foods!

Cornwall’s culinary expertise has seen some of its original goods become hugely popular across the UK. The next time you fancy some Cornish salt or an authentic local gin, consider purchasing from a local vendor instead of the big businesses. While it’s only a small step, being more conscious of who you’re buying from ensures that your support is going to the local community.

A classic place of scones, cream, jam, strawberries and butter in Cornwall

Share Your Favourite Places

There are many different ways we can show our support for the things we love. While financial support is always important, there are other things you can do to help local Cornish businesses to thrive.

One of the most powerful ways for a small, local business to grow is through word of mouth. If you have a great experience with a small seaside store or a local attraction off the tourist track, share your find with your friends and other visitors! For small Cornish businesses, even just a few more customers can go a long way.

Show Your Support Online

Social media is huge nowadays, not only as a good way to bring people together but also as a platform to share our views and opinions. If you want to support Cornish businesses, then engaging with them on Facebook, Twitter and anything else can prove quite beneficial.

Did you enjoy your time at a local beach? Leave a nice review online and follow their accounts to show your support. If you want to promote the region in general, then you can share a range of local businesses with the online community. While it may seem only small, the knock-on effects of this kind of promotion can be beneficial for small businesses!

We hope that you will continue to support local Cornish businesses the next time you visit! Are you planning your next break? Discover what to look forward to in Cornwall in 2021!