Legendary Places to Visit in Cornwall

October 05th, 2020

Packed full of mystical stories and mythical figures, Cornwall embodies many beautiful and legendary locations. It’s not hard to imagine why these fantastic fairy tales and legends emerged, with such atmospheric scenery throughout the county!


We provide the ultimate locations for family-friendly holidays in Cornwall offer a sense of mystery and wonder to your Cornish holiday!


The cliff at Tintagel Castle, Cornwall.


If you are seeking mystery and magic, Tintagel should be at the top of your list. If you are familiar with the Legend of King Arthur, you will no doubt know about the beautiful coastal village of Tintagel.


Though small in size, Tintagel flourishes with legendary sites, its most famous being the striking Tintagel Castle that stands on a nearby island, overlooking the turquoise sea beneath.


Partly ruined, the castle beautifully blends into the rugged cliff edge and is believed to be the birthplace of King Arthur himself.


Don’t forget to look at the magnificent King Arthur sculpture, which poses gallantly on the headland in front of the Atlantic Ocean.


Once you’ve been captivated by the castle, head to the beach underneath and venture into Merlin’s Cave at low tide.


*Advanced booking is essential to visit the castle. Due to its location, Tintagel Castle can sometimes temporarily close depending on weather conditions.


The heart rock at St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall.

St Michael’s Mount


St Michael’s Mount makes for a wonderful day out as a family. The atmospheric site is situated on an island just off Marazion. The journey to the island is a highlight in itself, as you carefully walk over the stone causeway from the mainland at low tide, or take a boat during high tide.


The mount is the scenic setting from the fairy-tale story of Jack and the Beanstalk.


The story goes that Jack, a village boy from Marazion, tricked the giant into falling into a pit he created halfway up the mound which the giant initially used to steal farmer’s flocks for food.


Once the giant fell into the hole, Jack filled it to trap him. There is a heart-shaped stone placed there that is rumoured to beat!


*During times of social distancing, it is essential that all bookings to St Michael’s Mount castle are made in advance. Tickets to the garden and the castle are to be purchased separately.


A big black cat in the dark.

Bodmin Moor


Bodmin Moor is the setting for many mysterious stories and legendary tales.


Dating to the latter part of the 20th century, it is the suspected home of the Bodmin Moor Beast.


The ‘beast’ was reportedly a significantly large cat which surfaced in papers at numerous points. Bodmin Moor boasts a stunning and vast landscape featuring lakes, tors and forests which are sure to get your own creativity flowing!


The Hurler Stones


Also home to the area is The Hurler Stones. The three-stone circles are predicted to come from the late Neolithic or early Bronze Age and perfectly accentuate the wild and spellbinding backdrop of the moor.


They are thought to be produced for ceremonial reasons as well as observing stellar and solar alignments. However, their existence also derives from a legend which accompanies them. Each stone is thought to be the bodies of petrified Cornish men who were caught hurling on the Sabbath!


A little boat in the sea at Falmouth.

Falmouth Bay

In 1876, fishermen in Falmouth Bay supposedly caught an unusual sea creature not known to man in their nets. The mysterious creature was named Morgawr, which translates to ‘The Sea Giant’.


Pendennis Castle is recommended to be the perfect viewing spot to gaze at the bay and watch out for the monster!


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Guide to Cornish Castles

January 25th, 2019

Cornwall is an area rich with heritage, culture and history, and this is reflected in the number of important ancient buildings that still stand in the county, such as castles. Making an ideal day-out that can often be enjoyed in any weather, here are some of the best castles for you to pay a visit to when you’re exploring Cornwall.


Restormel Castle

A rare circular-shaped castle from the 11th-century, Restormel Castle is the best example of such a castle in the UK that remains. Now ruins, the castle was once home to the Earl of Cornwall and was one of the main Cornish castles during the Norman times. The shell of the castle still stands, with several inside walls remaining intact, giving you a good idea of the rooms that were once lived in here. With incredible panoramic country views, the castle grounds are an excellent spot for a picnic, and in the summer months act as a backdrop to outdoor theatre performances. Wildlife lovers will particularly enjoy this castle, as plenty of interesting birds can be spotted near the castle, and the spring sees an array of blooms bursting into life, including rhododendrons, bluebells and daffodils.


Tintagel Castle

Tintagel Castle

A castle of myth and legend, the fantastic ruins of Tintagel Castle stand high on the rugged coastline of north Cornwall. With dramatic views over land and sea, it’s not hard to see why this castle has long been associated with myth and magic, with the legendary King Arthur said to have been born here. The remains of the castle still standing originate from the 13th century, although prior to the Norman castle an earlier construction existed, with artefacts discovered there dating back to the 5th century!


Pendennis Castle

Pendennis Castle

An impressive castle built by Henry VIII high up on the Fal Estuary, Pendennis has long acted as a coastal artillery fortress, defending Cornwall from the threat of invasion. Originally a simple round keep, the castle has been developed over the years to include more fortifications, storehouses and barracks, as well as having new weaponry added to further defend the area. Now run by the English Heritage, Pendennis regularly has some exciting family activities on offer, particularly during school holidays, making it one of the best castles in Cornwall for kids to enjoy.


St Mawes Castle

St Mawes Castle

Another of Henry VIII’s artillery fortresses sits on the opposite side of the Fal River to Pendennis Castle, and from each, you have incredible views of the other. St Mawes Castle remains the best-preserved out of these 16th-century forts and is rather ornate in its décor in comparison to Pendennis, which was more for defence purposes. You can still see some of the intricate details, such as carved Latin inscriptions about Henry VIII. Much of this remains intact due to the fact that there was little development or additions made to castle since it was built.


Launceston Castle

Launceston Castle

Sitting atop a large mound, Launceston Castle offers some truly impressive views across the surrounding landscape. A fairly unusual build, the tower on the mound originates from the 13th century when Richard the Earl of Cornwall constructed it. The tower sits inside a circular shell keep that predates the towering structure! To get the best views, brave the dark and steep internal staircase to experience life on the battlements at the top of the tower. Visitors to Launceston Castle can also enjoy the exhibition that details the past thousand years of its history, complete with displays of historical finds from site excavations.


St Catherine's Castle

St Catherine’s Castle

An artillery fort from the 1530s, St Catherine’s Castle stands strong on the rocky headland around the Fowey estuary. St Catherine’s was built by Henry VIII to defend Fowey Harbour, similar to the artillery forts at Pendennis and St Mawes. The castle was later used during the Crimean War, when a two-gun battery was added, and saw further modification during the Second World War when it was used as an ammunition store and an anti-aircraft gun was added.


St Michael's Mount

St Michael’s Mount

Atop the famous mount is a medieval castle complete with turrets, gardens and elaborate rooms. Different to many of the other castles in Cornwall, St Michaels Mount remains intact, and a family actually lives there. Having worked in partnership with the National Trust since 1954, some rooms of the castle are open to the public and show off some incredible furniture, artwork and design. Visit the island for a tour of the castle, as well as to explore the gorgeous gardens, harbour and village that share the island with the impressive castle.


If you want to experience Cornish heritage and explore these impressive historical locations, then our luxury Cornish cottages are the perfect base for you to rest and recharge before another busy day of discovery!

How to Spend a Romantic Valentine’s Day in Cornwall

February 12th, 2018

What better way to celebrate your love than to embark on a romantic getaway with luxurious short breaks in Cornwall. Getting a change of scenery and escaping the busy routine of your everyday life can be a great relationship booster and you’ll leave feeling refreshed and even more in love! And speaking of scenery changes, the stunning scenic views in Cornwall are unparalleled, and are sure to enhance your passionate weekend away. Make the most of your time together, and indulge in some of the local treats, with some of the best chefs right on your doorstep. There is an abundance of exciting and romantic activities to enjoy while away, so here are some of our favourites:


Afternoon Tea

Scones are a Cornish staple. No trip to the county would be complete without this tasty bite, smothered in strawberry jam and then a generous dollop of Cornish clotted cream added (the Cornish way!).  Indulging in a traditonal cream tea for two is a delightful way to spend the day, and will give you and your partner a chance to relax and have a chat about the things you normally don’t get a chance to.


Ice Skating at the Eden Project

Make the most of the last few days of the Eden Project’s ice rink before it says goodbye until next winter. The rink will be removed on the 18th February, giving you enough time to enjoy it for a Valentine’s Day bonding activity. Ice skating is the perfect Valentine’s Day choice as not only is there a hint of romance about the sport, but also most people cannot make it around the rink without having to cling on to their partner, making it an ideal choice for fans of holding hands!!


Be in Nature

There’s something about nature that is intrinsically romantic. Whether it is the beautiful blooms or the clear blue skies that make you feel love, getting out and about in nature is a great way to spend your Valentine’s Day. While there are many coastal paths and walking routes showing you the best of Cornwall, there are also some great gardens, such as the Lost Gardens of Heligan and Trelissick Garden, which are fantastic to explore. Plus, most gardens will have a tearoom, so you can enjoy a light lunch together while taking in the delightful views.


Spend the Evening in a Cosy Pub

There are plenty of pubs throughout Cornwall, but while things may be heating up for Valentine’s Day, the wintery February weather is still sending chills, so choosing somewhere cosy is key. With a log burner, and comfy leather armchairs to curl up in, The Rising Sun in Truro provides a toasty spot to sit back and snuggle up with a pint.


Beach Stroll

With striking coastline surrounding most of the county, there certainly isn’t a shortage of beaches for you to choose from., With stretches of soft golden sand and secret coves to explore, there are plenty of spots to enjoy a romantic stroll. Head to the clifftops to watch the sun set (or rise, if you’re into early mornings), and take in those incredible panoramic views. For a bit of quiet, look for the hidden coves and secret beaches for a more intimate experience.


Tintagel Castle

There are plenty of castles and intriguing properties throughout Cornwall, but Tintagel Castle is by far one of the most stunning. Said to be the birth place of King Arthur, there is certainly love and magic in the air at this historic site. Sat on the dramatic Northern coastline, you are sure to be inspired by its beauty.


What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Are there any other places in Cornwall which are great to go to for a romantic day? Let us know in the comments!