A Truro Artist Believes Her Art Can Make you Fall In Love

January 17th, 2018

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, many people are starting to look for love, or perhaps even thinking of taking their relationship to the next level. If you need a little boost to take the next step, an artist located in Truro may have just the thing for you!

Lisa Harker, an artist who has recently opened her own gallery in the heart of Truro city centre, Lisa Harker Quirky Art, claims that her unique style of painting leads to people finding love. The love-creating magic of her artwork is so intense, in fact, that four marriages are said to be credited to her pieces! While the relationship boosting effects were not quite what she was anticipating when she turned her passion for art into a full-time career, she has certainly embraced the positive effects, incorporating themes of love into her pieces.

The unintended effects began taking place after Lisa gifted certain pieces of artwork to her friends, who all subsequently reported positive changes in their lives shortly after, from finding new love to career promotions. Speaking of her artwork, Lisa states that her “paintings just have a habit of making people fall in love”.

Because of this, people have started paying visits to her gallery in Pydar Mews in Truro, specifically for help finding them a soul mate. Lisa says that after she meets these individuals, they often stay in touch and keep her updated on their lives, letting her know when “someone new has come into their life or that they are getting married”.

Others make the trip to discover self-love, with one woman looking to learn to love herself again after leaving an abusive relationship. She states that the artwork produced by Lisa aided her in regaining strength and self-worth.

With this newfound skill of artistically influenced matchmaking, Lisa sometimes considers it to be a “big responsibility”. She stresses that, although there have been many happy endings, she cannot promise that anything will happen because of her artwork. Instead, the artist recommends that her work should be used as a reminder to be more open, and that this in turn can lead to finding your Prince (or Princess) Charming!

Lisa also offers commissioned work for those seeking love, where she meets with the romantic hopeful and helps them to work out what they want and who they are in order to transform these feelings into the perfect piece of art, in the hope that it will bring them love. Lisa says that the talk helps them to figure out what they want, and will allow them to be more open to opportunities. The painting then acts as the push many need to get out there and find love, as it will hang proudly on your wall, constantly reminding and reinforcing all the goals and desires discussed in your chat.

If you are looking to take the next step in your relationship, why not take a romantic Cornwall short breaks to visit Truro and see if you are inspired by the loved-up artwork!