Viking Voyagers expedition comes to the National Maritime Museum Cornwall

January 10th, 2015

An exciting new expedition is coming to the National Maritime Museum Cornwall in Falmouth, celebrating all things Viking with an inspiring hands-on experience.


The expedition seeks to not only enrich visitors’ current knowledge of the Vikings, but also to debunk the myth that they were only warriors and seafarers. It shows them from another side, with displays of artefacts demonstrating how they dressed, lived their day to day lives, and brought up their children as well as demonstrating how they were also successful merchants and entrepreneurs.

The museum has created a supreme effort with this expedition thanks to the collaboration and partnership it has shared with the British Museum, the National Museum of Ireland, the National Museum of Denmark and the Manx National Heritage, all of whom have contributed their artefacts to the exhibition.

Some of the archaeological finds on display are up to a thousand years old, and include a wide range of jewellery, weaponry, coins and household items.

The centrepieces of the expedition will be a life-sized replica of an 11th century Danish coastal cargo ship, measuring 14m long, as well as a boatbuilder’s yard, where visitors can touch and feel the pieces on the display, the centrepiece of which is a 6m Norwegian faering, the iconic Viking boat.

Why not visit Cornwall and come along to the expedition while you’re here? A visit to the Museum would make a fun and informative activity to enjoy on Whitsun holidays in Cornwall, while being just a short distance from The Valley, which is based near Truro.

Image: Marco Alioli under creative commons.