Watch the heart-warming moment three seals are released back into the wild

June 06th, 2016

The final three of Cornwall’s injured seal pups who were taken in by The Seal Sanctuary at Gweek due to the ferocious Atlantic storms, have now been released back into the wild.

The Seal Sanctuary at Gweek which is just a short distance from our Cornish cottages, had taken in a staggering 65 seals over the course of this winter, which saw an increased amount of activity down here in the Duchy, causing the seals to become disorientated and then separated from their mums, and end up washing ashore dazed and confused.

The three seals seen below are called Cranium, Buckaroo and Go and were released this morning into the cool Atlantic Ocean at Gwithian, with Natalie, who is part of The Seal Sanctuary’s animal care team saying:

“The weather does play a big part in these guys coming in to us. They might have been abandoned by their mothers, have wounds, be malnourished, have all sorts of respiratory and eye infections; it’s a variety of things they’ll come in to us for”

Before speaking about how hard it can be to see the seals leave:

“They definitely do have their own little personalities and little quirks. They’re very friendly towards each other. They’re definitely little characters. As much as you don’t want to, you do have seals that you remember and really become firm favourites with you and it’s quite hard to say goodbye but it’s for the best and it’s a nice day.”


Watch the seals heading back into the wild below:


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