10 simple ways to show your love on Valentines Day

February 12th, 2015

Coming to stay in 5 star cottages in Cornwall should be the ultimate gesture for your love in our opinion, slightly biased as it may be. But what about if you are wanting to offer a few simple ways to be romantic too? We’ve got just the thing for you. Some are perfect for your visit to Cornwall on a romantic break, and some you can use for when you’re not here. The choice is yours. Share the love courtesy of us here at The Valley Cottages.



  • Buy a baby tree and ask your partner to plant it with you while you explain that the new tree represents the love between you both that will grow over the years.


  • For those who like the old fashioned methods, why not place an ad in the classifieds declaring your love. Then take the newspaper, wrap it in a bow, and put a little note on it saying what page to look on.


  • Blindfold your partner and drive them to the place where you had your first date, and have that date all over again!


  • Write a love poem for your loved one.


  • If your partner is going on a business trip secretly hide a love note inside their luggage or suit bag.


  • Do something romantic and spontaneous, like picking a flower and giving it to her right on the spot- perfect for when exploring the countryside.


  • Record yourself reading a romantic love poem. Then hand your partner a CD and tell them to play it in the car on their way to work-smiles guaranteed.


  • Spend some time on this one and make a small postcard sized love collage. Then cover it with clear packing tape. Write a love message on the other side and give it to them as a present.


  • Keep a box and fill it with mementos of fun things you enjoyed doing together. Later when the box is filled, arrange them on a board and get it framed.


  • Keep a box with special cards, letters, photographs, and other mementos. On your anniversary or on Valentine’s Day take a little time to share fond memories together as you review the contents.