5 Reasons to take your dog on holiday

December 23rd, 2016

You’ve probably already thought about taking little pup on holiday, but abandoned the idea after thinking of the added stress that comes with Rover bounding around from picnic to picnic scoffing sarnies, and conclude that it could intrude on your time of relaxation. Some of you may have even been reluctant to book some well-deserved time off because of fear of being separated from your beloved furry friends. Here are just five of the reasons you should check out some of our dog-friendly holidays in Cornwall this year and bring your companions along with you!

Keep the family together

The worst thing about going on holiday, is always the things you leave at home, whether that’s your phone charger or your pet. If you can’t stand the thought of your pooch not getting the tender love and care he deserves, then just bring him along! There’s nothing like spending quality time together, and the dog will have the time of it’s life as he or she gallops across expansive spaces, making a few new doggy pals on the way! For any homesick children, having their pet away with them can be a real comfort to adjusting to new environments, and minimises the affects of missing home tenfold.

Pet sitting

However, avoiding the financial strain and mental distress of turning your back on your best friend for a week or two is priceless and allows you to enjoy your holiday, with a guilt-free conscience. Equally, if you have some kind and considerate friends that offered to pet sit that one time, their goodwill may be tested after twice daily check-ups on how accurate they’re being with the dry-to-wet food ratios.

Getting outside

The best thing about Cornwall is the stunning landscapes, beaches and moors. Taking your dog is likely to encourage you to get out and explore the local area, much more so than if you didn’t have a pup that needed exercise. Long family walks will allow you to continue spending quality time together, whilst the dog can discover a whole host of different smells whilst exploring the new surroundings.


The walking culture in Cornwall makes it the perfect holiday destination to bring your dog to. Although some beaches impose a dog ban in season, there are a range that remain doggy-friendly all year, attracting dog-walkers far and wide. This, in turn, means that many of the pubs and cafes in the region also accommodate for our canine companions, so there’s no need to sit in the cold with a sad-looking, probably sandy, sandwich!

Better accommodation

Our facilities were awarded Bronze in the ‘Dog Friendly Accommodation of the Year’ category for 2014/2015. We’re sure our cottages will provide the upmost of comfort during their time away, for both pet and owners alike! Have the relaxing holiday you’d hoped for and enjoy the enchanting countryside and countless walks and paths that are on your doorstep here at The Valley.

Make 2017 the time that you finally take the plunge, and take your dog with you on holiday. Once arrived and settled in, you won’t believe that you haven’t done this sooner!