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19 February 2014

Llama Lland unveils new miniature llama herd

An attraction near the Valley has unveiled its latest asset – Europe’s first and only herd of miniature llamas.

Llama Lland Llittle Llamas in Truro is just seven miles from our 5 star cottages Cornwall and now a trip there will give our guests the chance to see llama’s just three foot tall.

The herd belongs to Tom and Julie Tripp, who have spent five years breeding and rearing the littlest llamas possible.

The couple have owned one of the largest herds of full size llamas in Britain for more than a decade ad started their herd of miniature llamas five years ago when they bought 22 of the miniature variety in America.

The pair opted to import the mini llamas because of their love for llamas’ temperaments.

Since many people are put off the animals because of their size the Tripps thought introducing the miniatures to their farm might help make llamas more popular.

But the couple didn’t unveil their herd right away, as they were keen to let the llamas settle and then increase their numbers.

Now they are ready to share their herd, the only one in Europe, and have opened the doors to visitors.

The breed of tiny llamas was first genetically engineers in the 1990s by American farmers.

They were created by breeders selecting the smallest llamas in a herd and mating them with other small llamas, in the hope their offspring would be increasingly smaller.

After several generations the technique’s success means miniature llamas now measure just three foot from the ground to their shoulder, much smaller than a regular llama which can measure as much as twice as much to the shoulder.

Mr Tripp said he hoped lots of people would visit the herd to find out how llamas are relaxed, low maintenance and resilient to illness.

Llama Lland Llittle Llamas reopens in April, with the opportunity to book full sized and miniature llama walks.

The Tripps are also offering miniature and standard size llamas for sale – to anyone who already has a minimum of three other llamas and space for more.

You can find out more by visiting the Llama Lland website.

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