Beatles autographs originally from Newquay sells for £1.5 thousand at recent auction

December 21st, 2014

Cornwall hold some wonderful memories for a great number of people who have enjoyed spending time in the region. And it has emerged that even more memories have been unearthed now too. News that rare autographs of the Beatles, collected by a fan who saw them staying in Newquay during their Magical Mystery Tour almost 5 decades ago, sold at an auction in London for £1,500 last week.


The signatures of Paul McCartney and George Harrison and the late John Lennon can all be seen on a page torn from an old address book which once belonged to a fan called Stella.

It was back in September 1967 that Stella approached three of the band members for their autographs after discovering that the Fab Four were staying at one of the town’s Hotels, following their filming in Bodmin.

The signatures can be seen in blue ballpoint pen and were put up for sale by Stella’s granddaughter. The item eventually sold to a mystery bidder at the auction at Bonhams in Knightsbridge, London.

John Lennon signed Stella’s scrap of paper: “To Stella, love from The Beatles,” before drawing a heart around the three autographs.

It was estimated that the autographs could reach between £1,800 and £2,200 and would have been worth more if drummer Ringo Starr had also signed the paper – although we’re sure that the new owner of this wonderful memorabilia will be more than aware that it’s not too late to have Ringo sign the item for them.

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Image: Marco Alioli under creative commons.