Brand new rapid chargepoints unveiled in Cornwall locations

August 11th, 2015

Transport minister Andrew Jones has recently paid a visit to the Eden Project here in Cornwall to open the county’s first rapid plug in car chargepoint at the site, in conjunction with the 16 that are being installed across the county over the course of the summer.


Drivers of plug-in vehicles will now have the opportunity to use the new infrastructure as a means to charge their cars in just 30 minute sessions. The Department for Transport were behind the installation via grants totalling up to £765,000 for a rapid charging network in the Devon and Cornwall regions.

Jones said: “Plug-in vehicles are cheaper to run, better for the environment and an increasingly popular choice for families and businesses.

“The Government is investing £500 million in low emission vehicles over the next 5 years, including in chargepoints such as those at the striking location of the Eden Project.

“The new rapid chargepoint network continues our commitment to improving journeys in the South West, with a record investment in roads. This is part of our long-term economic plan to improve transport infrastructure and support jobs and opportunities in this beautiful area.”

If you are planning to visit the Eden Project while staying with us here at our child friendly cottages, Cornwall in your economical transport then you needn’t worry about running out of juice!


Image: Jon under Creative Commons.