Celebrate Pancake Day the Cornish way!

February 28th, 2017

Today is Pancake Day – Tuesday 28th February, and like many of you, we are very excited to tuck into a big stack of pancakes, topped with delicious fruit, chocolate and that perfect sprinkling of sugar. Join in eating as many pancakes as you can while you’re staying at one of our 5-star cottages in Cornwall!

Shrove Tuesday, as it is officially called, precedes Ash Wednesday, and lands on a different Tuesday every year, as it is determined by Easter. The name Shrove Tuesday comes from ‘shrive’ meaning absolution for sins by doing penance. The day gets its name from the Christian tradition of trying to be ‘’shriven’ before Lent. Pancakes came later, as they were a way of using up the rich foods like eggs, milk and sugar, which are not traditionally eaten during Lent, before the 40 days of fasting.

Pancakes are now forever associated with Shrove Tuesday, and as such there are now hundreds of variations of how to eat them – egg free, gluten free, veggie, savoury, and the classics like Nutella and banana.

As we are in Cornwall, it seems like the perfect chance to whisk up the batter and get flipping with some perfect Cornish toppings!

For the basic crepe style pancake, you will need:

100g plain flour

2 large eggs

300ml milk

Pinch of salt

1 tbsp oil, plus extra for frying


Put the flour, eggs, milk, salt and oil into a large bowl or jug, then whisk until it is a smooth batter. Set aside to rest for 30 minutes or start cooking straight away.

Set a medium frying pan or crepe pan over a medium heat and carefully drip on a small amount of oil. When hot, pour in some pancake mix (a spoon ladle size of the batter is enough). Cook both sides of the pancake for 1 minute each until golden and keep them warm in the oven on a low setting as you go.

To vary this basic pancake, you can add mashed bananas or grate in some lemon zest.


Use Cornish ice cream and handmade Cornish chocolate for a super sweet topping.

Those who prefer a healthier option, add blueberries, blackcurrants and raspberries for a fruity pancake.

For a simple topping with a zing, just add a squirt of lemon juice on the pancake then sprinkle caster sugar on top.

Anyone with a sweet tooth can enjoy some maple syrup, golden syrup or honey, drizzled over the pancake, add a few slices of banana to fill it out.

Try caramelised bananas, with some brown sugar, butter and dark rum, sautéing the sugar and butter in a pan, adding the bananas when the mixture is thick and bubbling, adding the rum to flambé.

For a delightfully Cornish pancake, use Cornish raspberry or strawberry jam and clotted cream. So the cream doesn’t melt straight away, wait until the pancakes have cooled slightly for this topping choice.

If you really want to embrace the Cornish way and enjoy a thick savoury pancake, add finely chopped sage leaves to the batter and a tsp of baking powder. Heat cubed butternut squash in a frying pan until tender and put to one side. Get the batter, and add crumbled Cornish Yarg and the squash in, folding gently. Heat some oil in the pan, and allow a ladleful of batter per pancake, cooking until the batter is golden. Serve with salad and chutney.

Keep these delicious pancake recipes in mind when you stay for your Easter holidays in Cornwall at our self-catering cottages and have a lazy morning brunch of pancakes!