Celebrating the legend of St Piran on St Piran’s Day

March 05th, 2015

Happy St Piran’s Day to you all! As you may or may not be aware while you’re staying in our child friendly cottages with a pool in Cornwall, this is a very important day for the people of Cornwall. So here’s the story of the legend for you.


St Piran was born in Ireland, and following his successful trip to study the scriptures in Rome he returned and was made a Bishop.

While back in Ireland he was said to have performed numerous miracles, such as raising soldiers from the dead who had been slain in previous battles. However, the Kings of Ireland at the time were not impressed.

It’s also said that during the 5th Century St Piran was flung into the sea in Ireland! Unfortunate enough, one would think, but to make things worse, he had a millstone around his neck. Astoundingly he floated across the water and landed on Perran Beach in Perranporth.

Once arriving here he went on to build a small chapel.

St Piran built his oratory amongst the sand dunes and people would come from miles around to hear him preach in his chapel.

His talents didn’t end there, St Piran discovered tin too, but this was by accident. Following the sighting of a black stone on his fire leaking a white liquid. St Piran had discovered tin.

St Piran’s Flag

The Cornish Flag, the Flag of St Piran (see main image) represents white tin flowing from the black rock, or good overcoming evil.

St Piran is understood to have lived for an impressive 200 years. He was fond of the odd drink and met his end when he accidentally fell down a well. No date of his death was ever recorded though.

St Piran is one of three Patron Saints of Cornwall. The other two are St Michael and St Petroc. Michael is associated with St Michael’s Mount and St Petroc with Padstow.

St Piran’s Day is on March 5th each year.

Throughout Cornwall celebrations will be taking place, so why not raise a toast today!

Image: Marco Alioli under creative commons