Cornish band shed folk image

November 19th, 2014

When you think of Cornish music you probably think of folk music, but Cornish band Hanterhir are successfully showing that’s not all the county can produce.

The band’s epic songs have earned them an ever growing fan base among locals and people enjoying luxury Cornwall cottages short breaks alike, and the band now hope that will lead to greater success.

The band is led by well-known Cornish musician Ben Harris, and plays a unique hybrid of rock, psychedelia and indie.

Ben’s said before that he wants Hanterhir to be more than just “just another band from Cornwall trying to be heard” and that’s why they play such an incredible mixture of songs which can change to almost industrial noise which somehow maintains a melody. Lyrics in both English and Cornish ensure the band retains its identity.

The band has already released a free compilation album, called Gyjyoryon, and has now released a superb five-track EP.

“The album a way of getting songs out of the way so that we could move on to this recording,” said Guitarist Peasy said the free album was a way of “getting rid of old recordings so we could start afresh”.

“We had to stop playing the same songs and start writing new stuff,” he said, “and we also had new members so we decided to knock out a shorter EP to establish our new sound.”