Cornish photographer captures perfect wave

June 06th, 2016

A Cornish photographer Mike Lacey captured a stunning photograph of a wave during a sunrise earlier this year and after someone told him, he noticed the wave looked like a face, kissing the sun.

He named the photograph Cornish Kiss, which he took in January. Mike, who has a gallery in Porthleven and another in St Ives, said: “I couldn’t believe it. I took it on the 16th of January in Porthleven at sunrise but I didn’t notice it until this lady rang up and tried to describe it.

“Once you see it you can’t stop noticing it.”

Mike photographs waves and wildlife seen in Cornish waters, then prints them on canvases he makes himself. The photo ‘Cornish Kiss’ has attracted a lot of interest, but it is not the first unusual shape Mike has captured in a wave. Check out his website here for some incredible wave shots.

The day before his daughter was born, he captured a picture of a heart in the wave, saying it was like a one in a million shot.

Cornwall is a great place to try out your photography skills, with all the beautiful scenery the county has to offer. Why not bring your camera along when staying at our Cornish holiday cottages and see what snaps you can capture?

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