Cornwall coast the location of first ever Blue whale photographed in English seas

September 04th, 2015

It’s not just humans who can’t resist to urge to enjoy luxury holidays Cornwall have to offer after news broke that scientists were fortunate enough to photograph the sensational sight of a Blue Whale 250 miles off the Cornish coast, in what is believed to be the first ever to be snapped in English waters,  recently.

This comes as big news post whaling era in the north-east Atlantic, when they were almost killed to extinction for their blubber. The news of the sighting has given many cause for celebration as it shows there could well be a resurgence of the world’s largest animal. In particular, marine biologists are the ones who are most excited given as many of them have spent years studying these majestic mammals around the world.


It was in fact a scientific expedition that was responsible for capturing the mammal on camera, completely by chance, with what they describe as “conclusive” photographs of the magnificent creature.



The amazing encounter between man and giant mammal occured on the 24th of August, approximately 250 miles south west of Cornwall, while it was swimming over a deep-sea canyon on the northern margin of the Bay of Biscay.


Experts believe that the whale might well have been returning south to locate to warmer waters in the tropics, where Blue Whales head to breed and give birth, following their trip to colder water around Iceland to enjoy a large feeding session, where they dine on krill.

Image: Mike Baird under Creative Commons.