Cornwall declared the pinnacle of all the destinations for holidaying Brits this summer

August 05th, 2015

Cornwall, it would seem, is pretty invincible when it comes to the opinions of the British public and their holidaying destinations. This not only counts for locations in the UK, as popular hot spots abroad are also no match for Cornwall’s allure this summer according to the adoring British.

A huge 75 per cent of the British public cited that they have plans to enjoy their holidays in the UK this year as opposed to taking a trip abroad, and Cornwall, as it invariably always is, is in pole position for many people’s plans.


The survey, conducted by ATS Euromaster, was undertaken to mark their 50th anniversary. It was also revealed that the British public want to be no further away than a mile from the coast and 2 miles from a local shop when they pick their holiday spot.


The poll surveyed around 2,000 adults, and it was reported that the 66 per cent who are yet to take a holiday in 2015 will remain in the UK. This is in conjunction with the 72 per cent who have already been on holiday, and remained in Britain.

Our beloved Cornwall is, of course, quite well renowned for achieving the number 1 spot in public polls, and was voted as the UK’s best holiday destination at the British Travel Awards for an impressive sixth year running, in December 2014.

So if you haven’t already booked your stay with us here at The Valley this summer, why not book into at our child friendly cottages, Cornwall and discover the pinnacle of British holiday destinations for yourself.


Image: Thomas Tolkien under Creative Commons.