Cornwall highest region for dolphin and whale sightings

February 11th, 2016

Cornwall and South Devon are among the regions who have recorded the highest number of dolphin and whale sightings in the UK!

According to a new survey from the Sea Watch Foundation, there have been more sightings of the species than ever before.

There were 93 recorded sightings in Cornwall, with short-beaked dolphins and Risso’s dolphins noted as the species that were seen most often.

These results came from the 2015 National Whale and Dolphin Watch, which also found that offshore waters saw the highest species diversity recorded in Cornwall, with six different species spotted.

Common dolphins were the third most abundant species recorded in the survey. The largest group – some 150 of them – were recorded between Falmouth and Lizard Point in Cornwall, not too far from our Cornwall luxury cottages.

The rare humpback whale has been spotted more frequently this year, with numerous sightings recorded in January alone.

The whales head to Cornish waters to feed on krill and small fish including sardine, anchovies and herring, all of which are species found in our waters at this time of year.

Why not book yourself into one of our cottages and see if you are lucky enough to spot some of these beautiful and majestic creatures for yourself?