Cornwall sets high standards in Guinness World Records

September 14th, 2015

With the new Guinness Book of Records 2015 edition released last week we were surprised yet elated to see how many records Cornwall have achieved over the years.

Did you know that Cornwall set the record for homing the oldest male grey seal? Magnus was born in Edinburgh Zoo in 1963 but was moved to the National Seal Sanctuary, Gweek, in 1999. Magnus was part of the Halichoerus grypus species and weighed around 210kg.

Cornwall also set the world record for the most socks sorted in one minute. Sammy Jo Crocker set the world record by sorting socks into 20 pairs on Sunday 29th July 2012 in Penryn.

And of course, in true Cornish style, we set the record for the largest, heaviest, edible pasty. On Thursday 19th August 2010. The pasty, created by The Proper Cornish Food Company, weighed in at a respectable 728kg, was shaped in the traditional D shape and was around 5m x 2m x 1m in size. The pasty contained steak, potato, swede and onion and was glazed and crimped in the traditional Cornish way.

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Image: Kevin Law available via Creative Commons.