Summer is here to stay!

July 04th, 2018

After a scorching heatwave in Cornwall over the last few weeks, we have all been well and truly spoilt, especially in Cornwall where you can have a dip in the sea when it’s too hot.

But our fears of it meaning the rest of the Summer will be bad weather may well and true be over! Could it be possible a good Summer for weather and the football comes home?

The Express are saying it’s going to be ‘one of the hottest Summers ever’ with James Madden at Exacta weather saying “Another heatwave towards the end of the July should almost certainly pave the way for an exceptionally hot August and to end the meteorological summer on a high note.”

The Mirror are also agreeing that it is going to be one of the hottest on record and should go well into August!

All the sceptics out there will say, The Mirror, The Express, even Exacta weather aren’t very good sources? But the Met office are also giving us hope!

In their long range forecast they say:

“For the second half of July it looks as though fine weather is most likely to dominate across the UK, with mostly dry, sunny and warm conditions, especially in the south.”

“Temperatures overall are up until the start of August and are likely to be well above average”

So if you haven’t booked to come down to The Valley to take advantage of our outdoor pool and all the stunning beaches around, now is the time to get the best weather!

Sources – The Mirror, The Express, Exacta Weather and MetOffice