Could we have a white Christmas?

November 20th, 2015

Temperatures are set to drop in the lead up to Christmas and that could mean the white Christmas we’re all dreaming of could come to pass.

We could even see some snow as soon as this weekend, although the Met Office does say this is unlikely.

A spokesman for the weather monitoring agency said: “The chance of snow in Cornwall this weekend is pretty slim, but if temperatures drop low enough on Saturday then the few light showers we’ve predicted could fall as snow. It wouldn’t be surprising if there is some snow on higher ground.”

That’s because of an arctic wind which is set to blow in, and drop temperatures below what we would normally expect at this time of year. If that weather lasts then we could be in for a white Christmas, which would make for a wonderful Christmas for our guests in luxury cottages Cornwall.

What could be better than sitting in front of a warming log fire while looking out on the beautiful sight of a snowy scene in the Cornish countryside?