Cute Labrador is Cornwall’s latest surfing superstar!

August 02nd, 2016

A video of a surfing pooch, along with her owner, enjoying the waves has become Cornwall’s latest superstar. The seven-year old Labrador, Mango, has been surfing along with her owner since she was two, but after five years of refining her surf skills, she has shown her talent to a wider audience.

In Holywell Bay in Newquay, where waves can reach up to 7ft, she accompanies and stands up alongside her owner, Matt Slater, on his board.

Matt says she is not stopping her love for surfing any time soon, and he is happy to continue the relationship he has formed with his dog that has come from their surfing trips.

He said: “Mango still surfs regularly on beaches all around Cornwall, but only on small clean days. We probably go out twice a month.

“We only surf together for a maximum of half an hour and if she is not enjoying it we go back in. But she loves it – she is very relaxed on the board. She wags her tail the whole time.”

Back in 2011 Matt bought Mango her own board when he noticed her love for the sea, and she clearly loved being on the board as much as swimming in the waves, and Matt’s children have also gone out surfing with the Lab too.

Our pet friendly cottages in Cornwall are very welcoming to dogs, and with the dog friendly beaches close by, your dog will no doubt fall in love with the sea too!

Check out the amazing video of Mango surfing below:

Photo by: Nevit Dilmen