Cycle Trails in Cornwall

May 07th, 2020

Cornwall is a beautiful part of the UK, and a brilliant way to explore the glorious Cornish countryside is to cycle along its many trails! You can immerse yourself in the greenery and discover some local towns and villages during your trips.

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, old or young, here is a list of some excellent cycling trails to visit when on holiday in Cornwall that you can ride along either alone, with family or friends.

Mineral Tramways Trails: Great Flat Lode Trail

The Mineral Tramways Trails are traffic-free routes based alongside the old transport network of the 19th-century mining era. It is 37.5 miles long and offers the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful countryside while also discovering the mining heritage.

The Great Flat Lode Trail circles the hill of Carn Brea behind Camborne and Redruth. It is situated amongst the mines that worked the Great Flat Lode! So, you can get in some exercise, enjoy stunning views and you can learn all about some of Cornwall’s finest old mine workings.

The Camel Trail

A route that is perfect for all abilities and ages, the Camel Trail is an 18-mile long, surfaced and mostly level trail. Parts of the route runs alongside a disused railway line, and while travelling the route, you will capture some of the most beautiful scenery in Cornwall.

The trail is suitable for walkers, horse-riders and wheel-chairs users, as well as cyclists, so be aware of any traffic that may occur during your cycle. The trail falls into three routes:

  • Padstow to Wadebridge: 5.5 miles
  • Wadebridge to Bodmin: 5.75 miles
  • Bodmin to Wenfordbridge: 6.25 miles

If you don’t have your own bike, then you can hire bikes at Padstow, Bodmin, Wadebridge and Wenfordbridge. Toilets are also located Wadebridge alongside the trail, Wendfordbridge, and in Padstow town centre.

Coastal view at Marazion in Cornwall

The Cornish Way

Perhaps one of the most well-known routes in Cornwall is the Cornish Way. It is a mighty trail as it runs from Land’s End all the way to Bude and consists of 195 miles!

Along the route, you will come across some beautiful beaches, stunning seaside towns and wonderful wildlife. It is great because you can pick a part of the route you wish to cycle that is nearest to you.

A beautiful part of the trail is where it runs along the coast until you reach Marazion. You can enjoy spectacular coastal views along with a sea breeze. At Marazion, you could stop for a refreshment and then head inland towards Hayle Estuary and Camborne.

Bodmin Beast Cycle Trail

For those looking for more of an adventurous ride, the Bodmin Beast Cycle Trail could be the perfect option. The trail is 12km and stretches through the wooded slopes of the Cardinham Valley. Along the route, you will be faced with some challenging climbs and descents, as well as some tight corners, steps, tabletops and rollers.

The domes at the Eden Project

Clay Trails: Bugle to Eden Trail

There are Clay Trails dotted around St Austell and offer some unique views. The China Clay industry was situated in this area for over 300 years, and it left a fascinating stamp on the land. What were once clay pits are now turquoise lakes and former spoil heaps are now miniature mountains.

The trail that runs from Bugle to Eden is four miles and is a fairly easy trail, making it perfect for all ages and abilities. Once you arrive at the Eden Project, why not head inside and explore?

If you are interested in visiting one or more of these cycle trails, why not stay in Truro; a town that is well located among these routes making each cycle path easy to access. We have a range of hot tub cottages in Cornwall to add some much-needed luxury to your trip to the Cornish countryside!

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