Essential Items For Your Holiday In Cornwall

September 29th, 2015

If you are planning one of our last minute breaks in Cornwall then you may be wondering what items to pack as we head in to the Autumn/Winter season. Well, with an Indian heatwave set to hit Cornwall, remaining until the second week of October, you may end up needing your swimsuit more than your woolly jumper. With this in mind we have created a list of essential items below, so you know what to pack ready for your perfect holiday.


We are very happy to be wearing our sunglasses so far in to the September month, but the weather in Cornwall is good, and the sun is still very much shining. Make sure you pack those fabulous sunglasses for your holiday, as you are going to need them.

Comfortable Shoes

Packing comfortable shoes is a must as Cornwall has a lot of fabulous, scenic walks for you to enjoy. We aren’t saying you have to invest in an expensive pair of walking boots, but simply packing a pair of supportive, comfortable shoes will make sure your feet are protected whilst you explore the many delights that Cornwall has to offer. We would much prefer you to have happy feet than poorly feet!

Your dog

Cornwall is a brilliant place for your family pet. With miles of moorland, fields, beach and plenty of dog-friendly attractions there is no reason for your pet to stay at home. And don’t forget, our award winning pet friendly cottages cater for your dog as well as your family, so your pooch can enjoy a well-deserved break too!


Cornwall is often defined as an area of outstanding natural beauty; with our unique fishing harbours, our quintessential villages, our glorious beach, our wonderful scenery and our fabulous woodlands, Cornwall really is a magnificent place, and you’ll want to capture every moment of your holiday here.


If you fancy yourself as a bit of a surfer, or are looking to try out this awesome sport, then Cornwall is the best place to be. Surrounded by the Atlantic, Cornwall boasts some of the best surf in the country, offering clean, crisp waves for you to ride.

So, if you can fit your surfboard in your car then head on down for a fantastic experience.

Waterproof Jacket

Let’s be honest … it’s nearly October and, although we are experiencing some fantastic weather right now, this can change at any moment. Packing your waterproof jacket is a sensible option which means you can still get out and about, and can explore wonderful Cornwall whilst staying nice and dry.

A cosy jumper

Always pack a thick, cosy jumper for those relaxing evenings walking on the beach or cuddling up on your private balcony, sipping a nice glass of wine.