First ever black tree monitor born in a UK zoo hatches in Newquay

June 26th, 2015

One of Cornwall’s main attractions, Newquay Zoo has an adorable new addition in the form of a tiny black tree monitor lizard which successfully hatched this week.

The lizard, named Mez, is the very first of its kind to have been born in captivity at any zoo in the UK, after the success of a special breeding programme.

The zoo’s existing black tree monitor residents originally came from Pilsen Zoo in the Czech Republic before making the move to Newquay’s zoo near our luxury Cornwall cottages.

The mother of Mez, has already laid a further half a dozen eggs which have spent time under incubation this week. They will remain there over the summer and are expected to hatch within in the next few months.

An interesting feature about the lizards is that they are in fact born green, but turn black as they reach adulthood.

These intriguing reptiles hail from the Aru Islands, just off the west coast of New Guinea. They spend most of their lives occupying the treetops of the island’s forests, or residing near to mangrove swamps and vines.

But at present, the reptiles are now at risk as a result of the habitat destruction and the illegal trade in reptiles for pets, so the special programme at Newquay Zoo has particular significance.

Image: Joancreus under Creative Commons.