Forget the Mediterranean, experts are touting Cornwall to match the Med’s weather conditions for years to come!

July 08th, 2015

If you embark on a staycation, as well as a holiday abroad, in search of the warmer weather then you might not need both much sooner if a group of experts’ latest claims are true.


This team of researchers have claimed that summer heatwaves followed up by milder winters will become the norm.

A study by the Exeter-based Met Office has observed a forecast into how the UK’s climate will progress up to the point of the end of the century. The conclusion of this study was that scorching hot summers will occur for a satisfying nine out of ten years.

Further promising news is that the researchers claim the chances of wet summer will drop by almost 50 per cent, which will surely please anyone looking to head to the popular tourist region for Cornwall self-catering breaks.

The study has been published just as forecasters are informing us of what is set to be another spell of welcome hot weather coming following the reappearance of wet and windy weather that has made its way across the Westcountry.

Head of scenarios development at the Met Office, David Sexton, who is also the lead scientist on the study, reported that a fresh breakdown of long range climate projections based in the UK based had been carried out based on 3 decade averages.

The newest set of data reveals that the chances of very cold British winters or wet summers decline as the world warms, but there could well be the odd year in which they still happen.

There’s a chance that come the start of August, conditions will improve tremendously with even higher temperatures than recently experienced.

Image: Thomas Tolkien under Creative Commons.