Fun and Cheap Activities to Keep the Kids Busy During a Holiday

August 14th, 2017

Keeping children entertained can sometimes be a challenge, which is why we’ve come up with these fun and cheap activities that you as a family can all have a go at.



When the sun is shining, and the weather is warm, there is no better excuse to dine al fresco with your family in one of the beautiful locations near our 5-star cottages in Cornwall. Pack some sandwiches, sausage rolls, fruit and plenty to drink for you all and head into the great outdoors.


Bike Ride

Going for a bike ride is guaranteed to put a smile on you and your family’s face. Typical bike routes usually follow stunning parts of the county, with safe and off the road options available for an even more relaxing journey. You can go at your own pace and travel as far as you feel like on the day, all while taking the time to enjoy the scenery, the ride and your family time.



Museums are full of fascinating exhibitions and art, usually with free or discounted entry, so it is a great attraction for all the family. There is also a range of displays within museums, ensuring that there is something to keep everyone engaged.


Bake Some Cakes

The everyday, normal week can be tiring, working 9-5, making sandwiches for the next day and dinner for the evening can often leave you with little time in the evening to do fun things with the kids. Holidays are great for relaxing everyone and allowing you to do the activities that you love. Cake making, for most, isn’t an everyday thing and a real treat, not just for the delicious end result, but the making of them is also something that many kids really enjoy. Our holiday cottages are equipped for your culinary needs, making it even easier to bake yourself a sweet and delicious treat.



Libraries not only lend books, magazines, DVDs and CDs, they’re also a cultural hub of most towns, especially for kids. During term time and even more so during the school holidays, there is a range of fun and exciting activities that are usually free. From storytelling, puppet shows to craft days, a visit to the library is sure to keep you entertained for a few hours.


Board Games

Holidays can be reminiscent, a time to reflect on the past and spend quality time with your loved ones to make memories that last a lifetime. Board games offer an activity that all ages and all members of the family can get involved in. Whether you’re in teams or competing against one another, being able to share a common interest for a while can be a great way to bond. Many children nowadays presume that boards games are outdated but with the likes of ‘What Do You Meme’ and ‘The Emoji Game’ board games are making a strong comeback!



Fresh air and a stunning scenery contribute to a fantastic day. Getting out as a family and stretching your legs can make everyone feel much better, especially when you’re on holiday, as exploring and discovering somewhere new is exciting! An adventure on your two feet, while you learn more about the area and see some of the incredible sights on offer.



Many of our holiday cottages are ideally located just a short journey from some of the most breath-taking and beautiful beaches in Cornwall. A trip to the beach offers the chance to go rock pooling, swim in the sea, make sand castles, run, jump, make friends and much more! Imaginations can run wild, and it is a guarantee some energy will be burned.


What are your favourite fun and free activities to do with your children while you’re on holiday? Let us know if we have missed any ideas via our social media channels!