Get your dog ready for the summer holidays

August 15th, 2016

The holiday season is underway and the British Veterinary Association is asking owners to be sure their dog is ready to travel for the holidays, whether they are going abroad or staying within UK borders. Our dog friendly accommodation in Cornwall is the perfect place for a retreat with your pet.

When travelling with your dog on holiday, it is important to make sure they are in the best shape for long journeys. Take a look below at the British Veterinary Association’s checklist for what your dog needs before travelling on your summer holidays:

Microchip checked – Make extra sure your dog’s microchip is working correctly and reading properly, in case anything was to happen.

Treatment for ticks and tapeworm – It is always important to keep up with your dog’s health checks, but before you go on holiday, remember to get them checked over for ticks, tapeworm, heartworm and more and get treatment if needed.

Vaccinations – Along with health checks, be sure that your dog is up to date on vaccinations. This is more important when going on holiday and the dog will be more open to different diseases or illnesses that it might not have come across before.

Heatstroke problems – Never leave your dog in the car with the windows up. With Cornwall having a heatwave over the next few weeks, it is vital that you are fully aware of the problems heatstroke can give your dog. Keep them cool and hydrated and ask your vet for signs if you are unsure.

We love having dogs come here to stay at The Valley cottages and there are tonnes of things you can do with your dog, from a number of fantastic dog friendly beaches, dog friendly attractions and also some restaurants and cafes that are welcoming to dogs for you to eat out at.