Giant steam-power puppet to parade through Cornwall

April 07th, 2016

To celebrate the 10th year of the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a series of events and happenings will be occurring over the summer, including a giant steam-powered puppet parading the length of Cornwall.

It will be the largest mechanical puppet ever made in Britain, and has been named the ‘Cornish Miner’. It will be the same height as a double decker bus when crawling but will rise to three times that height when standing.

The giant puppet will be accompanied by ‘miners’ and ‘bal maidens’ as it makes its way across the county. They will be responsible for powering and animating the steam-powered machine and will ensure that flames roar and steam belches out of it as it goes along, so the puppet will definitely be a powerful sight to behold.

The journey will take two weeks from July 25 to August 6, 2016, starting from Tavistock in West Devon, journeying along Cornish lanes and roads through the best mining country before finishing at Greevor Tin Mine. It will pass by all ten of the World Heritage Sites to be found in the historic Cornish landscape.

Other events to see over the summer, that have collectively been named ‘Tinth’ to recognise the anniversary, will include seeing traction engines in full steam, mining chimneys smoking, plus events including local choirs, brass bands and the miners dressing in traditional 1800’s costumes to celebrate this important landmark.

Maybe you will spot the giant ‘Cornish Miner’, whose look is yet to be unveiled, when staying at out luxury cottages in Cornwall. There are also tonnes of historical mining sites close to our cottages where you can learn about the interesting history of this wonderful county.

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Photo by: Tony Atkin