Location Guide: Nanjizal Beach – Song of the Sea Cave

May 24th, 2019

Nanjizal Beach is situated in the Cornish town of Penzance and is a beautiful secluded spot. It is often empty, and this is likely due to it being around an hour walk from the nearest road or car park. It is certainly worth making an effort to visit this stunning location and discover the natural stone sculptures, archways, caves and freshwater waterfalls. This glorious beach is also dog-friendly all year round, so feel free to bring your four-legged friends on your adventure! We have a variety of dog-friendly cottages in Truro, Cornwall so you won’t need to leave anyone behind when you head off on holiday.

How to get to Nanjizal Beach

As this is a secret location, there aren’t any signposts; follow our directions and you should make it to the beach without getting lost! The walk is roughly two miles and will take around an hour. In the car, head from Penzance to Land’s End and just before you reach Land’s End there is a signpost for Trevescan. Turn left here and find a place to park either on the road or in a lay-by in the village. On foot, walk past the Appletree Café, and you will see a bus stop on your right, with a footpath sign opposite. Behind the bus stop, you will find a small courtyard of houses, head into the left-hand side of the houses and follow the footpath towards Trevilley Farm.

Make your journey through the farm and fields, and head towards the sea. After several fields you will reach a kissing gate, follow towards the coast and make sure you keep right when the left turn appears. Follow the path along the top of the valley, and it will eventually lead down to the small cove of Nanjizal. You will then walk over a footbridge and go down some steps that lead you onto the beach. Be aware of the incoming tide while you explore the cove and cave! As the walk there and back is quite long, make sure you pack a picnic. To return, simply retrace your journey back up the hill.

What is at Nanjizal Beach

In the way of facilities, you will find none, but this is all part of its character and charm as the beach is unspoilt. There is plenty of wildlife to see making it an excellent spot for bird watchers; Chiffchaff, Whitethroat and Blackcap breed here. There are lots of large stone structures, one being the famous Diamond Horse; this nickname is due to it having a quartz vein running through it which sparkles in the sun. This structure is situated on the north side of the cliff. On the south side is a magnificent rock arch called ‘Zawn Pyg’, also known as ‘Song of the Sea’. There are a few large rock pools in this area as well. If you wish to take children on the adventure to Nanjizal Beach, you could all have a go at rock pooling while you are there. There are also numerous freshwater waterfalls, and these make the beach feel dreamlike.

Things to be aware of at Nanjizal Beach

In the winter months, don’t expect to find sand as this usually disappears, but during the summer, the golden beach returns and makes it a great spot to relax. Swimming in the beautiful blue sea certainly is tempting but only swim at high water to ensure the safest conditions. The same goes for snorkelling, take extra care when venturing out into the bay.

Nanjizal Beach is one of the most beautiful best-kept secrets in Cornwall and is a must-see while you are down. This trip is quite the adventure, but if you plan it well, the whole family can join, even the dog!