A Guide to Windsurfing in Cornwall

May 27th, 2022

Make your summer in Cornwall one to remember by creating fantastic memories through experiences that will provide an electrifying adventure. Get ready to take the plunge and ride the waves when you encounter family friendly holidays in Cornwall, and with our guide to windsurfing, you will be on the water in no time!

What is Windsurfing?

Windsurfing is a water sport that perfectly combines sailing and surfing characteristics that are popular with thrill seekers.

A flexible triangle-shaped sail is mounted onto a surfboard in which a windsurfer uses the wind to propel the board forward under their feet to skim themselves across the open water successfully. To master windsurfing, you will need to control the winds of the sea while balancing yourself above the water.

History of Windsurfing

Windsurfing was first created in 1948 by Newman Darby. In 1968 in California, Henry Hoyle Schweitzer and Jim Drake worked on windsurfing technology and developed this sport into what we know today. In 1984, windsurfing was first introduced to the Olympic Games, racing over the traditional triangle course.

Cornwall has become one of the famous places in the world to windsurf and has hosted various windsurfing contests over the years.

The Best Places for Windsurfing in Cornwall

woman with a picnic and bike

Gyllyngvase (Gylly Beach)

One of the best beaches near Falmouth, Gyllyngvase or as the locals call it, Gylly Beach, is the perfect place for your windsurfing adventures to begin! Gylly beach is located only ten minutes away from the historic Falmouth town centre and can be accessible by car, foot or bike.

Gyllyngvase is perfect for windsurfing as it provides punchy little waves and an astonishing amount of wind swell to make your windsurfing session a successful experience. Also paired with fantastic facilities such as Gylly Beach Cafe, toilets, showers, gardens and lifeguarding, this beach is an amazing place for guests interested in family friendly beaches in Cornwall.

Beach with a red and yellow lifeguard flag

Poldhu Cove

Based near Helston, Poldhu Cove, also popularly known as Black Pool Cove, is a beautiful west-facing coastal beach great for activities such as sandcastle building, volleyball and watersports.

Poldhu Cove provides clean, consistent waves that contain a rideable swell with light offshore winds. These waves are often smaller than other beaches making the cove ideal for beginner windsurfers. If you would like to windsurf at Poldhu Cove, please be aware that windsurfing has its own designated zone in the water, and lifeguarding is available from May to September.

Surfer running into the waves on a busy beach

Pendower – Carne Beach

Pendower is one of the many fantastic beaches near Truro. This famous family friendly beach in Cornwall is located on the Roseland Peninsula. With stunning coastal views of Gerrans Bay, the beach marries its neighbouring beach, Carne, at low tide and forms a one mile stretch of sparkling sand.

A beautiful location to windsurf, Pendower offers waves created from wind swell. The waves tend to be short and punchy in this location but form a good shape, ideal for windsurfers looking for more technical advances in their windsurfing adventures.

Be careful with the rocks that tend to appear on the Western end of the beach. However, this beach is perfect for guests looking for the best places to rockpool in Cornwall in Cornwall this summer.

Group of windsurfers out at sea

Crantock Beach

A short fifteen-minute drive from the popular town of Newquay, Crantock beach is a beautiful beach with sparkling golden sand. This beach’s southern and western ends house high cliffs that provide some shelter from the cornish breeze.

There is a large gap within the cliff face on the western end with a cave popularly known as Piper’s hole with beautiful carvings that date back over 100 years.

Crantock provides an ideal wind swell from the west, creating clean surfable waves with rideable swell and light and offshore winds. Like Poldhu, most windsurfers consider these waves small but are excellent for beginners looking to try the sport out.

Best Places for Windsurfing Lessons and Hire in Cornwall

Beginner to windsurfing in Cornwall? No worries! Many of our blue flag beaches in Cornwall provide sensational 1-1 or group lessons and board hire to start your journey on the water!

Cornwall Watersports

Located in Pentewan, Cornwall Watersports are a company that lets guests hire out equipment for many different water sporting activities. They also offer many diverse activities for groups and families to experience daily!

Cornwall Watersports also supports notable environmental awareness societies like Marine Conservation Society and Surfers Against Sewage, helping to impact positive change for Cornwall’s climate. You can turn up on the day to hire out windsurfing equipment; no need to book ahead.

Hire Prices

  • One Hour = £25
  • Two Hours = £35
  • Three Hours = £40

Pasty Adventures

Pasty Adventures offers their years of windsurfing coaching experience worldwide to teach you windsurfing at popular beaches such as Gwithian, Marazion and the Bluff. They also provide the latest BBTalkin 2 way headsets so that you are in constant communication whilst out on the water!

Lesson Prices

  • 1:1 For Two Hours = £120
  • 2:1 For Two Hours = £180
  • Group Half Day (Six People) = £300
  • Group Full Day = £500

Elemental UK

It is located at Swanpool Beach, a four-minute drive from Gyllyngvase. Elemental UK provides windsurfing lessons and hire for groups and individuals.

Lesson Prices

  • 1:1 For One Hour = £40
  • 1:1 For Two Hours = £65
  • 1:1 For a Half-Day = £80
  • 1:1 For a Full Day = £135
  • 2-6 Group Lessons For One Hour = £25
  • 2-6 Group Lessons For Two Hours = £40
  • 2-6 Group Lessons For Half-Day = £55
  • 2-6 Group Lessons For a Full Day = £85

If windsurfing is not your cup of tea, but you still would like the thrill of an adventure on the water, read our guide for the best spots for canoeing and kayaking.

Our range of luxury holiday cottages in Cornwall are available to book all year round and are the perfect companion to your windsurfing adventure. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01872 862194 or book online for reservations or inquiries. See you on the waves!