Is Cornwall set for one of the hottest Easter weekends on record?

March 21st, 2015

According to The Daily Express earlier this week, weather experts looking at long-range charts are claiming temperatures could rise to more than 80F/26C over the bank holiday weekend of 3rd April to 6th April, Good Friday to Easter Monday. This would beat the previous record of Easter Saturday 23rd April 2011 when temperatures reached 27.8C at Wisley in Surrey and generally temperatures were between 25C – 27C across the south-east and East Anglia.

Piers Corbyn, forecaster for WeatherAction – which claims to make accurate weather forecasts up to a year in advance – told the newspaper: “There will be big variations due to the wildly deviating jet stream, so there will be periods of extremely cold weather followed by unusually hot.”

The prospect of an Easter weekend heatwave for Cornwall would certainly be welcomed by both locals and those visiting the county over the Easter holiday period, especially those planning to spend a lot of time outdoors including those staying in cycling holiday accommodation Cornwall.

However, the Met Office says it gets harder to offer local detail with any high level of accuracy on long-range forecasts as its shorter range forecasts, so it is too early to predict accurate conditions for Cornwall at Easter. Generally, the Met Office forecasts the period from April 2 Apr to April 16 will be changeable with unsettled conditions interspersed with some fine spells of weather and some pleasantly warm days.