Is shellfish too “posh” for diners?

November 07th, 2014

Researchers claim to have discovered that restaurants with shellfish on the menu could be excluding some diners who feel delicacies like oysters are too “posh”.

The study group which conducted the research interviewed Cornish fisherman and members of the public – and revealed how many people are reluctant to indulge in some of the finer fish dishes.

With many restaurants near to our luxury self-catering Cornwall with pool the news might be of interest to some local businesses.

The research was conducted by Uni of Exeter PhD student Nick Boase and he hopes his work will help fishermen, suppliers and restaurants to cater for their customers’ needs. He also hopes it might persuade people to try something different!

In an article in our local paper, The West Briton, he said: “No matter if it’s from a health, environmental or economic perspective, I believe it’s well worth finding out why people do or don’t eat shellfish.

“Do people dislike the food because there are misconceptions about oysters, mussels and crab? How can these be tackled if there are? These are issues affecting consumer demand which deserve to be looked at.”

The South West’s fishermen landed £10m worth of shellfish in 2013 – with most of that produce being exported to Europe.

If it weren’t for myths like “you find dead men’s fingers in crabs” or the misconception that oysters and lobster are “posh”, more of that produce may have been consumed in the South West.

Regardless of whether you’re a foodie with a taste for lobster bisque, or a shellfish phobic who only has sea food when it’s battered and served with chips, a stay at The Valley gives you the chance to travel out and try the best of both!