Is this the cutest video you’ll see this Christmas?

December 20th, 2014

If this doesn’t make you want to own a puppy then we’re not sure anything will! Imagine bringing this little guy from the video on a dog friendly cottage holiday. Cornwall is a lovely place for a doggy friendly holiday.


The two-month-old Dachshund turned into possibly the cutest puppy you’ll ever see, and if it were possible, even more adorable after he was filmed in slow motion for the video clip.

The video features Mr Bibi the tiny sausage dog keenly chasing a toy bear as his floppy ears bounce around as he bounds toward his toy.

It would have been such a sweet sight to watch even without the slow motion effect, but it just goes to show skilled and clever they are, even at 2 months old.

Take a look at the video of Mr Bibi in all his adorable slow-Mo glory here: