A Guide to Land’s End, Cornwall

March 05th, 2021

Many will already know that Land’s End in Cornwall is famous for being the most south-westerly point in Britain. The former smallholding is also known as ‘The First and Last’ due to its status as both the starting and ending point of the journey to or from John O’Groats in Scotland – the longest journey in the UK.

The stunning landmark is home to beautiful stretches of ancient coastline, offering awe-inspiring views and making it a must-visit spot on your next short break in Cornwall!

What else can you expect from this legendary location? Our guide to Land’s End will help you get to know the place.

A History of Land’s End

Land’s End has captured people’s imaginations for centuries. There are many names for it, with the first recorded name ‘Penwith Steort’ dating back to 997! The name ‘Penn an Wlas’, which is Cornish for ‘end of the land’, was recorded in 1500.

The location also has connections to Arthurian myth, giving it a further magical quality. It is said that the mythical lost land of Lyonesse – part of King Arthur’s realm that was drowned by the sea – waits beneath the waves just off of Land’s End.

With all that history and mystery, it’s no wonder that more than 500,000 travel from all over the world to visit!

Cliffs at Land’s End

Things to Do in Land’s End

So, what can you do once you arrive at this famed spot and begin exploring the surrounding areas?

The Land’s End Landmark Attractions

A trip to Land’s End wouldn’t be complete without an excursion to the iconic signpost! Get your picture taken with the famous sign that overlooks the expansive sea below.

Soak up all the scenery at the Landmark – the views from here are unmatched! When you’ve had your fill of rolling waves and clifftop thrills, you can return to one of the cafes or restaurants to enjoy some Cornish treats.

The Minack Theatre

Just 4 miles away, you can visit the gorgeous open-air Minack theatre, which is built into the cliffside. Amazingly, the theatre was built single-handedly by just one person, Rowena Cade – making it an even more impressive feat.

Set against the roaring waves, you won’t find a more dramatic stage!

A coastal path along the cliffs at Land’s End

Coastal Walks

Stunning coastal walks are a staple in Cornwall, and you won’t get any better than this! Take the coast path to Porthgwarra; along the way, you’ll discover impressive rock formations and the famed sea arch.

The coastal walks here give you a great opportunity to revel in the spectacular sea views and come across hidden coves and caves.

Nearby Beaches

It’s no secret that Cornwall does not lack amazing beaches, and the areas surrounding Land’s End are no different.

Top beaches to visit include:

Sennen Cove – a gorgeous expanse of rolling dunes and sandy shores.

Gwynber Beach – a great surf spot where you will sometimes be able to spy passing dolphin pods.

Porthcurno Beach – overlooked by the Minack Theatre, the turquoise waters here give an almost Mediterranean feel.

When lockdown restrictions are lifted, why not experience the wonders that Land’s End has to offer for yourself? Take a look at our luxury Cornish cottages to start planning your next getaway!