Why Cornwall is magical in the winter

December 29th, 2016

Many people in the UK will leave their staycations for the summer, when the weather is, on occasion, warmer and brighter; however, these people tend to miss out on the magical side of Cornwall that can only be experienced during the winter months. With these great reasons, there will be no reason not to book your breaks in Cornwall during the winter:

Get Cornwall all to yourself

As the sun shines in the UK, everybody makes their way down to the beautiful Cornwall to spend their days sat on the beach and admiring the coastal views Cornwall provides. However, there is something truly majestic about Cornwall in winter. Cornwall in winter is particularly quiet and peaceful during the winter months, with hardly anyone around, you and your loved ones can have this little piece of heaven all to yourselves.

Cornish beauty, all year round

During the summer, the sun sparkles across the crystal blue waters in Cornwall; however, in winter, you can experience the roaring seas and the moody skies for some of the most dramatic coast views you will ever see in your lifetime. If you are a keen photographer, there will be no better place to visit for some atmospheric photographs.

Winter walks

Winter walks in Cornwall can be some of the most romantic and idyllic walks you can venture on. Wrap up warm and brace a cold, but refreshing, walk along the Cornish coastlines, or try exploring the picturesque villages or incredible moors that are best discovered on foot. With 2,400 miles of footpath networks, along with the beaches and cobbled streets, Cornwall is a walker’s haven.

Comfort food

There is something about the breezy, cooler winter that makes you want to eat filling and warming comfort food. Cornwall provides some of the best comfort food you crave during winter and are perfect for anyone who have worked up an appetite. Anywhere you visit in Cornwall, you will not be far from traditional bakers, that offer hearty pasties, or a decent fish and chips store that provide you with some freshly caught fish for you to sample.

Enjoy a cosy winter in Cornwall and experience a magical side of Cornwall that not everybody gets to see.