Message in a bottle found on Cornish beach

December 22nd, 2014

A message in a bottle has been found in Cornwall, after travelling all the way from Canada!

The message was found in a beer bottle on a Looe beach, after being thrown into the ocean in Canada almost a year ago.

The bottle carried a message from renowned diver and conservationist Jacques Cousteau and was thrown into the Atlantic Ocean 338 days ago by Canada’s Department of Fisheries & Oceans.

Cousteau was a French naval officer and explorer who became most famous for pioneering work in the world of submarines, and who died in 1997.

He famously first came up with the phrase “we are all in the same boat” and it was this that was written in the message in a bottle. The Canadians responsible for launching the message chose the phrase to represent how the whole world faces the same issues thanks to global warming.

The message is part of an ongoing study into changing ocean currents and their pathways around the world.

It was found washed up at Hannafore Beach, West Looe, by Victor Crawford, who found it while walking his Labradoodle.

He said: “There was a cork in the bottle so it stayed completely watertight. I’d picked up the bottle as I thought it was litter and was going to put it in the bin.

“As I did I noticed the sheet of paper inside and took a lookinside. It was amazing to think how far the bottle had come.”

The bottle carried its message 2,614 nautical miles (4,841km) at an average speed of 0.3 knots (14km/day,) after being launched from the CCGS Louis S St-Laurent arctic icebreaker 14 2013.

While the bottle came a long way to reach Cornwall you won’t have to take such a long journey to visit our 5 Star Cottages Cornwall.