Mild autumn causes flowering daffodils in November

November 25th, 2015

Cornwall is amazing in autumn, wonderful in winter and spectacular in spring, but this year those seasons have been confused a bit, with daffodils flowering in November.

The unseasonably mild weather we’ve been having, with only one frost having fallen despite it being the last week of November, has tricked bulbs all over the county into revealing their colourful contents a full two to three months early.

Normally the bursting of brightly coloured daffodils is a welcome sign of spring following a cold and dark winter. But this year it’s being seen as a sign of just how good we’ve had it with warm summer temperatures persisting into the tail end of the year.

It’s believed the first flowering bunch of daffs sprouted at the Clowance Estate & Country Club in Praze-An-Beeble, as long ago as the first week in November.

Despite being used to getting daffs earlier than the rest of the country here in November, this is unprecedented.

With much of the country having been issued with weather warnings and alerts the weather in Cornwall has been warm in comparison. Despite temperatures dropping to almost freezing in the north earlier this week, in Cornwall it was a balmy 12 degrees.

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