Mullion Cove is a great place for a walk on the Lizard Peninsula

April 21st, 2016

The Lizard Peninsula is one of the most stunning parts of the Cornwall landscape. With rocky cliffs, the roaring Atlantic sea and stunning moorland, taking a trip with the family – and the dog – to explore Lizard Peninsula is a worthy day out, and you should make a point of seeing Mullion Cove.

Mullion Cove is one of the first places in the UK where you can see the sandmartins, housemartins and swallows arriving from Africa. Their sleek silhouettes will be easy to see against the sunny sky, and those birds are not the only ones arriving for the summer, with the charismatic cuckoo flying north too.

Mullion Cove is a perfect spot for a walk, as it has the best of everything Cornwall has to offer. Sheltered on all sides by high cliffs, the cove is snug, the old harbour walls get you out into the sea and above you can see Dexter cattle grazing on the succulent grass. The calmer waters of the cove are great for a swim too.

The walk across the Peninsula takes in astonishing views of the sea, gorgeous beaches and as you go higher into the cliffs, the wild moorlands bring in a mist that makes this part of Cornwall feel like a place out of another world.

A long walk around the Peninsula should be rewarded with ice creams and when staying at The Valley, the whole family will be happy to relax in our luxury dog friendly cottages after a day exploring the stunning Cornish countryside.

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Photo by: Trevor Harris