Cornish bakery releases new pasty flavoured crisps!

July 25th, 2016

Cornwall is known for a quite a few things… beautiful beaches, green rolling hills, friendly locals and of course the most famous export, the Cornish pasty.

Now leading Cornish bakery Warrens have created something that is sure to divide opinion among pasty lovers the nation over with their new pasty flavoured crisps, which is now available across all of their 51 stores.

Their head of marketing Louise Moye spoke with local radio station Pirate FM where she said:

“There’s been a huge amount of interest just in the fact that it’s a pasty flavour. But then there’s also been a lot of discussion about what flavours are coming through. Some people are saying they’ve really noticed the onion, some people are saying they’ve really noticed the steak flavour, so we’re really keen to get that feedback.”

Eating a pasty has to be top of your list when on your holidays in Cornwall, and when you do it the proper Cornish way you can see why this local delicacy is such a hit the country over. These crisps also seem to be making their way out of the UK shores with Louise revealing the crisps are creating a buzz internationally as well, adding:

“We’ve had an incredible interest, not just in Cornwall. We’ve got China, Japan all incredibly interested in the pasty flavour because it’s just so unique. We did assume that in Cornwall there would be an interest in the pasty flavour, but I think what was unforeseen was that reaction internationally.

Judging by the reaction so far I think we’re going to have to get our thinking hats on about what the next pasty flavour is. Are we going to do the chicken pasty, are we going to do the vegetable pasty? So yes, watch this space!”

What flavour would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments section!


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