November snow for Cornish school kids

November 03rd, 2014

Our county is a magical place for youngsters, which means holidays in Cornwall with children have always been popular.

The hundreds of beautiful beaches provide stunning places for children to play and while away summer days.

The warmer climate also means that summer hangs around a little longer in Cornwall and is usually a little warmer than in the rest of the UK, making it popular with people of all ages.

In fact, it’s so temperate in Cornwall that some school children have never seen snow.

That was the case for many of the pupils at Landewednack on the Lizard, which is mainland Britain’s most southerly school – until today.

Christmas came early for the school children this morning, as they returned from the half term break to find their school blanketed in thick snow.

The shocked pupils and teachers of the school were at a loss as to why the school had been covered in inches of snow while the rest of the village was seemingly spared from the overnight blizzard.

Despite the fact the area hasn’t seen snow in living memory, because of its coastal location and salty air, many people believed the snowfall must have been a freak act of nature.

However, that wasn’t the case.

It turned out the snow was man made and had been delivered by a group which likes to carry out “random acts of kindness”.

The group, which operates the @thetwofairies Twitter account, has previously delivered presents to the doorsteps of strangers on their birthdays. The group revealed it was behind the prank by tweeting the following message:

Louise Jones is the head teacher at Landewednack and said the transformation was a lovely and welcome surprise.

“We never get snow,” she said. “Some of our youngest children haven’t seen snow before but this is the real thing – you can even throw snow balls.”