Our top tips on how to capture those amazing autumn images on camera

October 14th, 2014

Great news for all you snap-happy visitors to our boutique cottages- Cornwall is a simply superb destination to capture awe-inspiring images through the lens of a camera. You might have noticed that because of the lower than average temperatures in late August leaves have begun to change in colour in early September as opposed to the usual early October. The amalgamation of splendid sunshine and a striking countryside of reds, oranges, yellows and browns means there’s no better time to go for a walk with your camera while staying in and around the beautiful Cornish countryside.


Why wouldn’t you want to have some great images of your time enjoying the amazing scenery and landscapes across North Devon with your loved ones? Of course, you want to get the best pictures you can so let us help, here are some tips for you:


When to go and take the best pictures

Good photography is reliant on the presence of good light and the best light is achieved during those golden hours that follow sunrise and then again just prior to sunset, when the sun is low and just above the horizon. If you are taking pictures around these times then you’ll be met with light that is warm and soft which will add an enchanted illumination to every picture. The elevation of the sun is also lower above the horizon from now until we head into the spring season, which means good settings for lovely photographs on landscapes or pretty backdrops to family pictures exist throughout the day too.

As the colder nights creep in we often start to experience a greater chance of radiation fog forming in low-lying areas, creating an otherworldly-esque setting of shadows, half-seen trees, rising mist and mystical rays of light- amazing!


Rivers, lakes and streams

Early mornings around picturesque lakes and ponds offer a keen photographer with the opportunity to find windless conditions when the water’s surface is mirror-like and is additionally the ideal time for anyone wanting to photograph tree reflections.

Take a walk along streams and rivers where you may enjoy sightings of early morning mist steaming off the water. Be on the look for fallen leaves on river rocks and if you have a tripod then why not try setting that up and blurring the moving water by using a slow shutter speed setting on your camera?


Most of the UK’s coastline is ordinarily devoid of woodlands but the beauty of Cornwall, and in particular, places like Carnon Downs is that you are never too far from such pleasantries. Seascapes, are, and always will be, an appealing option for photographers at this time of year. The mixture of clouds, low sun, mist and a stormy sea, or indeed any of these elements individually, provides the recipe for a potentially exciting piece photography to be captured.


During the British summer the valleys are predominantly lusciously green, the bracken is green also and the light is hazy. These conditions aren’t conducive for worthy landscape photography. But it’s all change once September comes around; the bracken starts to die off and the hillsides are revitalised into a scenic blanket of golden brown. Combine this colour change with superior light and it’s the perfect time to head for the hills to get those memorable pictures that will last a lifetime.