People in the South West are happier than the rest of UK

February 12th, 2016

A survey has found that people in the SW of England are the happiest in the country, with Cornwall being declared happier than county rivals Devon.

Freshly retired people were the most content and came up top on the latest country wide well-being index whilst couples enjoying their “golden years” from 60 to 75 scored highest for measures of satisfaction, happiness and the feeling that life is worthwhile.

Despite having lower wages, seasonal employment and some of the highest house prices in the country the South West scored 7.42 in the study, slightly above the national average of 7.38.

Cornwall registered 7.50 in overall happiness, edging ahead of Devon at 7.47, data from the study was collected by asking one simple question; how happy were you yesterday?

Visit Cornwall’s Malcom Bell, who was born in Redruth and now divides his time between Truro and Plymouth had this to say on the appeal and happiness of Cornwall’s residents:

“There is obviously the environment and being close to nature and the beach, which gives a sense of balance to life, but there is also sense of pride, positivity and a feeling of optimism, quality of life is improving quite fast. I think everyone is quite content in Devon but Cornwall is accelerating and is less divided into areas of identity, everyone rallies to the Cornish flag.”

This comes as no surprise to us, we know the joys of Cornwall and all it has to offer, now you can share in that to. The Valley offers a fantastic and luxurious selection of Cornwall cottages, so you can come down and see for yourself what makes this great county the happiest in the country!

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Photo by: Edmund Shaw