Places to Go for Animal Lovers in Cornwall

July 30th, 2018

Cornwall is full of natural beauty, from the moorland to the coastline, so it should be no surprise that the county also provides a haven for an interesting collection of creatures. There are several zoos, sanctuaries and sea life spots around Cornwall, so we’ve picked out five of our favourites.


Porfell Wildlife Park

The largest exotic animal sanctuary in Cornwall, Porfell Wildlife Park provides a home for an amazing assortment of fascinating animals, many of which were injured, neglected or unwanted. There is an incredible mix, with wallabies, lemurs, meerkats, capybaras, zebras, porcupines, marmosets and lynx. Many of these animals now live at the sanctuary having retired from zoos. Over on the children’s farm, you can pet and feed the little guinea pigs and rabbits, as well as the donkeys and goats.


red panda

Image Credit: Michelle Turton


Paradise Park

A true paradise for nature lovers, Paradise Park is home to a vast assortment of tropical birds and mammals, set in stunning exotic gardens. Over 600 birds from 140 different species can be found here, from colourful parrots to powerful birds of prey. A number of bird shows will take place each day, including parrot feeding and Eagles of Paradise display, giving you the chance to get up close and interact with the fancy flyers. Also at Paradise Park is the Fun Farm, an assortment of farmyard favourites such as mini donkeys, pygmy goats and sheep. Straying into the wilder side, there are also cute red squirrels, adorable otters and cuddly red pandas to watch as they play, as well as penguins that you can watch getting fed.


Healey’s Cyder Farm

While their ciders, spirits and preserves are what they are best known for at Healey’s Cyder Farm, beyond the orchards you will discover a sweet range of friendly farm animals. With peacocks roaming freely throughout the site, the courtyard area is home to Shire horses, Shetland ponies, pygmy goats and Cornish black pigs, as well as the slightly smaller rabbits, ferrets and chickens!



Image Credit: tracey_dw


Cornish Seal Sanctuary

As a coastal county, it is only fitting that Cornwall is also home to a number of sea life rescue centres and aquariums. There is only one seal sanctuary though, and it is definitely worth a visit. Home to a number of very cute seals, as well as equally adorable sea lions, otters and penguins, these rescued marine animals are in the best of hands as the sanctuary doubles up as Cornwall’s only seal hospital. Nestled in by the Helston River, the sanctuary is both a site of special scientific interest and an area of outstanding natural beauty and also features a woodland trail, complete with a quiz for the kids!


Newquay Zoo

There are over 1000 creatures who find their home at Newquay Zoo, so there will definitely be something there that every animal lover will be excited to see. Here you’ll find animals from all areas of the world, from the African Savannah exhibit, where wildebeest, zebras and antelopes roam, to the vibrant Madagascan Walk, featuring the bright and brilliant parrots and lovebirds. Zoo favourites, including monkeys, lions and penguins, can also be found here. Newquay Zoo is an incredible day out for families, with feeding sessions, a maze and play areas to keep the kids entertained.


Animal-based activities are perfect for keeping both kids and parents entertained, making for a great family friendly holidays in Cornwall. What animal are you most excited about seeing while on holiday in Cornwall? Let us know in the comments below!



Image Credit: Airwolfhound