Poldark over Prince Charles? Who is the perfect Cornish neighbour?

June 30th, 2015

A recent survey has been looking at who people in the Westcountry would rather live next door to, and it is no surprise that Cornish heartthrob Ross Poldark has clinched the top spot!

He was so popular in fact, that twice as many people would rather live next to the Captain as opposed to Prince Charles.

Nearly 1,400 votes were conducted, and featured famous Cornish residents such as Rick Stein, Dawn French, and frequent Cornwall holidaymaker David Cameron.

Poldark was a runaway winner, racking up 382 votes, which was twice as many as the Duke of Cornwall! Charles in fact finished third in the poll, having being beaten to second place by Dawn French, who received 224 votes.

Cornish stand-up comedian Jethro took the fourth sport, just ahead of David Cameron. Fellow comedian Kernow King came sixth, with Rick Stein propping up the table in seventh place.

This poll shows that the popularity of Poldark is still going strong, beating Cornish resident Dawn French, and even our very own Prime Minister to the title. It is quite fitting, however, that the winning candidate is a native Cornish farmer and miner, even if he is a fictional character!

So who would you most like to have as your neighbour? Here at the Valley, we will welcome any of the winners from the list to be a neighbour in one of our luxurious Cornwall cottages!


Photo courtesy of Alexandra Neill, under Creative Commons