Review: Richard Herring in Falmouth

November 21st, 2014

Big name comedy returned to Falmouth this week when Richard Herring played a gig at the Princess Pavilion in Falmouth.

Herring, who’s best known for his work alongside Stuart Lee and his attempt to “reclaim” Hitler’s “iconic” and infamous toothbrush moustache, put on aa great display and had the audience rolling in the aisles.

The gig was a welcome return to the stage for Herring, who has spent the last few years building his audience using podcasts.

This show, called Lord of the Dance Settee because of a childhood misunderstanding of the name of the lyrics of a well-known hymn, was a reflective, joyous and thought-provoking one.

Herring talked about the future, the past and how life goes on regardless of what happens – providing him with chances to mock social media and talk about his life as an expecting father.

He was also self-deprecating, and delivered a very funny piece about how he may have died as a teenager, and that his life since then has been a “very unambitious and dull dream”.

Overall the gig was fantastic and we can’t wait for the next big comic to perform don thee rod from our Cornish holiday cottages.

In the mean-time, watch the early Herring sketch which explains why his show has the name it does… here.