Santa set for Cornwall fly-by

December 17th, 2014

Santa’s Sleigh will flit across the skies of Cornwall on Christmas Eve – giving parents and children the chance to keep an eye trained on the sky before turning in for the night.

If the skies appear people across the county will be able to see a sparkling light appear in the west and travel across the skies for around six minutes, before disappearing over the horizon.

Now, what people will see isn’t the real Santa, because he’ll be busy in Russia and China at early evening time in the UK, but the International Space Station.

All over Cornwall people will be able to see the reflection of the International Space Station as it tracks its way across the UK in orbit 250 miles above the Earth.

The station will be the third brightest object in the night sky on Christmas Eve and is easy to spot if you know where to look. According to the Nasa space station tracker, it should appear at 5.21pm on Christmas Eve – and will take around six minutes to cross the skies.

So if you’re in Cornwall, perhaps on UK cottage breaks, why not get your children to keep an eye open, add the sound of sleigh bells and add an extra touch of magic to make them even more excited for the big day?