Scientific formula has been used to find Cornwall’s best beach

October 27th, 2016

Porthcurno beach has been named as Cornwall’s best beach, based on a scientific formula. Researchers looked at elements such sea colour and the weather of the beach to find those that stood out. Porthcurno is a fantastic beach for visiting when on your child-friendly Cornwall holidays.

The same formula has been used worldwide, with Dubai topping the list for best beach in the world. Psychologist Dr David Holmes and travel blogger Laila Swann teamed up with Royal Caribbean Cruises to reveal the formula, and discover which of the world’s beaches and coastlines are the best.

The formula considers Sea Colour (CH); Clarity of the Horizon (CH); Sand Quality (SQ); Cleanliness (C); Interesting Features (IF); Air Quality (AQ); and Weather (W), and the formula is as shown below:

(SC+CH) x (IF+SQ) x 100/21.33


And using that formula, the researchers determined Porthcurno was named as the best beach in Cornwall! Blackpool beach came in second of the best beaches in the world, with just the weather stopping it from claiming the number one spot.

Dr Homes said: “I had to look at the factors that make you feel good when on the beach, so the clear horizon, sand quality and cleanliness was an important one.

“Having decent weather and good air quality were important too – and all put together you have a formula that does work to distinguish one shoreline from another.”

Porthcurno has often been praised as being a paradise beach, with the stunning soft white sand, turquoise sea and high cliffs providing shelter. Popular with families, the local attraction of the Minack Theatre has also made it a top place for days out all year around.

Travel blogger Laila Swann helped to judge the beaches, saying: “I love Porthcurno, when visiting the turquoise water is one of the most iconic features, it’s a large beach that’s popular with families, there are streams that flow down one side which is great for children to paddle in, it has lovely cliffs and is renowned for the Minack Theatre.”

Photo by: Martijn vdS