Social Media boosting tourism in Cornwall

February 04th, 2016

There are claims that social media is beginning to influence more and more people when they book holidays in Cornwall.

According to the latest web statistics from independent tourist information website Stay In Cornwall. The website has seen a significant increase in referrals from social media in the last year compared to years previous. Including major social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, the overall increase of social referrals was 238%.

“Social media is an extremely powerful tool for businesses,” says Matt Fletcher, marketing manager for Stay In Cornwall. “We are able to communicate with potential customers instantly on a platform they are likely to visit daily.”

Social media provides the opportunity to create a community and a relationship with visitors who might want to return to Cornwall.

Social media has become an important part of marketing and has become important in boosting the interest of tourist destinations. When looking for holiday accommodation in Cornwall, social media has become a quick and accessible way for potential customers to see what and where are the best places in Cornwall.

The instantaneous connection to social media can make people quickly recognise the top destination places in the UK’s most popular tourist destination, be it iconic landmarks, the stunning beaches, the chance to see local wildlife or exotic plants at the Eden Project.

Photo by Lewis Clarke